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Discussion: December ~ Is It Really the End?
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I also joined the 'monthly keyword challenge'. I signed up for so many challenges this year, that I made a page devoted to them *lol*.

I also realized that I never updated what books I read on december for your prompts, so here they are:

# 1 ~ where the world seems to be coming to an end: Instructions for the end of the world - the world seems to come to an end; only on the title though.
# 2 ~ about the end of something (i.e. relationship, job) : The lottery, the end of a life in the end.
# 3 ~ that is the end of a series: Requiem - the last book on the Delirium series

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The monthly keyword challenge sounds interesting. I think I'll need to check that one out. I'm still trying to find you on GR. I'm pretty sure we've chatted over there in the past but of course now that I'm actually going to send you a friend request I can't find you. Oh well. I'll just keep my eyes open and I'll find you eventually and out of the blue you'll get a random friend request from a lady standing in her kitchen with a glass of wine (yep, I have a pic of the real me on GR). I need to go tend to some real world stuff right now. Thanks for all the info on challenges. I think when I have some time I'm going to have to investigate a few of them more closely. Good luck with them.
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Here's my page on GRs, Bookfanatic.

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Oh, fun that you joined the Key Word Challenge.

I love your #1, where the world only seemed to come to an end in the title!
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lol thanks! I looked the previous prompts you had for other months but during may and june i didn't read at all...you had some awesome ones!
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I'm so glad you liked the prompts, As the page turns.
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I just sent you a friend request over on GR. I thought we had chatted over there before and as soon as I saw your icon I recognized it. Thanks for posting the link for me.
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I accepted!
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