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Discussion: PNR/UF: Group FYI & Rules
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OK, it’s great to have discussion rooms so quickly but at the risk of sounding ungrateful, more functionality will be required (e.g., HTML & edit buttons for comments would be oh-so-helpful). So threads will be kept to basics until we know what additional control options will be available for admins.

Also, VIP right now is that all DRs are fully public (meaning, publicly viewable by anyone on the ’net). The lack of group privacy option is somewhat problematic but the good news is that BL is already working on this. So we’ll just have to be patient & be on our ‘best behaviour’ for the time being. ;-)
Oh! Another thing... New name for the group (for now?)

Already busted for sniffing around, my RL friend had no qualms about confirming continued sniffing by telling me today that my first attempt was ‘beyond lame’ and ‘disappointing’. Hence the name change. But I'm pathetically not a creative soul so feel free speak up if anyone has a better suggestion. :)
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ROFl. Love your friends. I like this name better. I can't even remember the first one but I DO remember, errrr, noticing it. (Where are italics when you need them?) Seriously, though, good job setting up the whole Mulitverse shootin match.
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Thanks, Georgiana. I cut my eye teeth on Stephen King, Dean Koontz, etc. books so paranormal/UF and I have had decades-long affair. Hope that the DR feature become more robust so that this can become a really active group over time.

And yep, Sara's the best & a true friend―no BS permitted, lol :)
RULES... We're all adults, right? So let's keep it simple:

(1) Please be respectful of other members (and in general), as well as cognizant of the public nature of this DR & all threads.

(2) These days, there's a wide range of adult reading material in this genre/subgenre (e.g., from 'standard' UF to erotic PNR) so understand that at times, there may be frank discussions and/or posts of a sexual nature, especially when this group becomes private. Please respect every member's right to read what they wish.

(3) Please keep in mind that at bottom, this group is meant for discussions―and not just about books. Inevitably, differences in opinion will occur but such is *not* a bad thing. In fact, sometimes the best learning experiences result from 'crossing swords' with someone. Yet too often, people mistake a spirited, passionate debate for an argument (read: negative connotation). Understand that the admin(s) will be the final arbiter, in their sole discretion, as to whether or not a member has exceeded the boundaries of respectful discourse so to warrant either a warning or immediate boot/block.

(4) Absolutely NO promotional activities. Members who break this rule will be booted/blocked w/o any prior warning.

(5) Until additional functions are provided to the admins, please do not post in this thread. Queries can be posted in the 'Any Suggestions or Questions?' thread. :)

* Admin(s) reserve the right to modify and/or to add to the above at any time.
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