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Discussion: Comic book bingo
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I know this is a bit of a niche, but I reblogged the cards - I have four running at once and you can just choose one. If you go to my blog instead of the dashboard, it won't show what I added, so I'm going to repost that here:

I'm staring this tomorrow.

It'll be going on for two months. However, you can use single issue comics - which are twenty five pages long in general - and you have four card choices. (And yes, you can mix or match so DC can be used for Marvel and so on, but I did those with the particular companies in mind. Also, books are eligible but if it's a matter of not knowing where to start, feel free to ask. And honesty the more detail you can give - violence-free to splatterfest, what kind of characters you like, and even what you normally like to read - will help bunches! If you have hard liens that you refuse to read, please let me know as well.)

I'm not sure if/how I'll do prizes. I kinda want to, but I think I may have a drawing or two for each card, and do digital comics if I go with prizes. Mostly I'm just doing this for myself to read more of different publishers while keeping up Marvel so...

Lemme know if you have any questions.

I can't get the URL inserts to work, so here:


I can finally start this! Woot! Starting with General, and working my way through Marvel next :D.
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And I am sending them after I write my strange Strange review.
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