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Discussion: Who Were You on Goodreads?
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created by: Ceridwen
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I was Ceridwen on Goodreads. I am still Ceridwen here.

Themis-Athena on Goodreads (and before that, on Amazon's discussion board).
I was Charming Euphemism on Goodreads. Still am, but they get no more of my )sadly infrequent and cursory) reviews!
I was Kara Smith - still am, though I rarely go on anymore since they've become tyrants. I much prefer booklikes' format anyway :)
I was Cornelia Haggart but later change it to Cornelia (Merry Meerkat marginalia)
I was 'just' Liz on GR..added the rest here ;D

I am Ceilidh on GR (with the Buffy book avatar) and Ceilidh here

I am AnnaLund on Goodreads, AnnaLund2011 on twitter and here, and I've been AnnaLund on the Net since 1994. I will probably stay that way for the forseeable future.
I was Tami there also - had my husbands picture as avatar.
I posted my booklikes name quite often lately and are only rarely at GR anymore, no new reviews there for some time...
Thank you for starting this. I have new friends here and I don't always know if they're old ones :)

I am Misfit at GR and Amazon. Only had to add a bit more here because I screwed up the email login on the Misfit name and couldn't get back in.
I am Sandra on GR, and you can call me that here too. ;) I kept my avi the same to help avoid confusion, but I didn't want my blog on BL to be called just 'Sandra', so I used my main blog's name instead, which is apparently confusing the heck out of people. Sorry about that.

I am Clio Reads on GR, too. https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/19577177-clio-reads
*edit* went back for my shortened profile name. I'm Stacia in one form or another on both sites.

Mark there and here.
I'm Robert over there - you can tel by the Dragon representing me.
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