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Discussion: Who Were You on Goodreads?
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created by: Ceridwen
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I was Heather at goodreads. My GR URL is the same as my one here on booklikes.
Mike Puma there (and in real life); MochaMike here.
I'm Scarlet at both sites and in real life.
I'm AH on GR and AH here.
I was just my name over there: Julia. https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/724721-julia

My avatar is the same because since I was a lurker in Feedback, I figured if anyone recognized me it would be by that :) However if you see Bambbles anywhere else on the internet, that's me.
I am Atunah on Goodreads. Still about the same here
I was (and still am, though I'm not actively reviewing there) "Susanna." Same avatar.
Melanie....here and there. Same grumpy, pouty avatar =)
Carol Siewert @ Goodreads, but I got confused setting it up and went by my blog name Book Reviews Forevermore. Kept the same avatar just to make it easier for people, but I may eventually use my own face :)

Rane Aria @ GR with the same avatar
I was/am Darkpool over there, with a baby rhino avatar.
I was Penumbra on GR and the same here. I used this avatar there until just recently.
I'm Jennifer aka EM (formerly Eccentric Muse) on gr and Eccentric Musings here. Roughly same avatar of my sweetpea, Oliver.

Thanks for doing this, Ceridwen.
Miranda (Member of The Original 21) - Different ava (changed recently but used briefly on BL as well), private profile, and not giving a shit about GR anymore. Still keeping my acct for one group and that some jerks cannot claim I was kicked off and/or banned *snort*.

I´m Inara on GR and have the same Avatar.
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