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Discussion: Announcement: Halloween Bingo 2018!
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created by: Moonlight Snow
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I'm in! (Surprise!) I'm very excited!
I've been hoarding some of my planned reads for the year especially for this event!! I'm in.
I'm having Early Riser (latest Jasper Fforde novel) shipped from the UK this week. It's going to be very hard not to dive straight in, but I'm hoping I can find a suitable square for it.
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Early Riser sounds amazing. I might try and fit this into my bingo game as well.

Btw, I´m in! I have to stock up on my bingo reads, so a considerable amount of books are heading my way. I´m just about to order them :)
This will be my fist time trying Halloween Bingo , so i'm looking forward to get , can't wait to see what the challenges are
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Oh whoohoo! Other than reading books, ordering books is my favorite thing!
Glad to see the excitement!

I’m so pumped for this! Maybe now I’ll actually read! XD
I will play the game a best as I can.. Sign me up as well
Choosing the books is half the fun! I did eventually finish all my chosen books from last year. I find more reading time somehow for this.
Totally in!
I've been looking forward to this since last year. :)
Sounds interesting, count me in.
I'm joining in this year - I'm bummed I didn't get to do it last year.
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