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Discussion: Halloween Bingo 2018: Request Your Card Here!
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created by: Moonlight Reader
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Thanks, Moonlight! I love it! :D
Thank you! It looks great!
Thanks so much, Moonlight!
Can I have a card with the exceptions of Cozy Mystery, Modern Noir and Shifters?


By my records, I have created cards for everyone who has requested them through post #49, Murder by Death.

There are seven additional pending cards, which I will do tomorrow!

If you requested a card in a post prior to post #49, I have missed you - please repost!
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Thanks Moonlight - the card looks gorgeous once again! :)
I'd like to request a card.

Please skip:
Modern Noir
Modern Masters of Horror

Beautiful!! Thank you!!
Spooktacular! Thank you so much, Moonlight :)
Thanks! Love it, and I am going to plan books tonight or tomorrow.
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Thanks! I am so excited. :)
Are requests still open? I'd love to request a card. No exclusions. Thanks! These look so awesome!
I was away from the computer most of yesterday and today... hope it's not too late to request a card. I'd like to exclude:

Slasher Stories
Modern Masters of Horror

Thanks so much! You do an amazing job with all the cards!!
I've also been away, but I'm requesting my card now.

Please exclude
- Southern Gothic
- Slasher Stories
- Modern Masters of Horror

Need help?