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Discussion: Halloween Bingo 2018: Report Your Bingo!
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created by: Moonlight Reader
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2nd Bingo
Diagonally: Fear The Drowning Deep, Baker Street Irregulars, Free Space, Murder Most Foul, Supernatural.
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Wow just wow , I got a complete black out
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Okay will update!
One more bingo for me:
Spellbound: A Match Made in Spell by Erin Lynn
Modern Noir: In Her Bones by Kate Moretti
Shifters: Croc's Return by Eve Langlais
Baker Street Irregulars: The Demon of River Heights (Nancy Drew, Girl Detective #1)
Dead Lands: Eight Grade Bites
and another one (now that I looked at my marked up card):
Diagonal (lower left corner to upper right corner)
Dead Lands: Eighth Grade Bites
Doomsday: Get Well Soon
Free Space: A Deadly Brew
Cryptozoologist: Wolves at the Door
Romantic Suspense: Killer Countdown
Just reporting (finally) my official card blackout - with the last call. :)

I'll update my card when I get home today and do a final post.
... and congrats to Bookish Blerd, Spooky, Witches' Tea Shop, and MbD!!

ETA: As well as to Portable Monsters! :: points to post below ::
Annnnnnnddddd with today's call, I now have a blackout!
I won't have time to update my card until tomorrow, probably, but I got my 4th bingo with today's call.

Edit: I just saw that Obsidian Black Plague acknowledged my earlier comment on today's call about the 4th bingo, so this one's already taken care of.
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Thank you
Yeah! Keep reporting and I’ll update in the order reported. Busy with trick or treaters already!
I have a blackout!!!

Card is located here.
My final bingo is on the bottom row.
Congrats, Jennifer and Reading is my ESCAPE!
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