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Discussion: 2019 Halloween Bingo: Request Your Card Here
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created by: Moonlight Murder
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I'd love to give this a go. I have been green-eyed over everyone's cards. I'd like mine weighted towards supernatural and horror please. Can someone confirm the time period we have to read the 25 books please?
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Hi, Carmilla! Welcome to the game!

The game is officially played between 9/1 and 10/31. Make sure you are following me and Obsidian Blue, so you see the bingo calls. We alternate the morning calls on our blogs. There is another thread in the discussion group that explains things in more detail.

I will get caught up on cards tomorrow!
Anything but horror please!
I want one please. Anything but horror....
Please ma'am, may I have a card?

Not sure if I'm supposed to nominate both a weight and an omission, so, most importantly,
Please omit the horror-specific category.

If I'm also supposed to ask for a weight, either mystery or supernatural specific is cool.

Thanks Moonlight! :)
One card for me, please!

Horror/supernatural heavy :)
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I love all 4 subcategories, so please give me a totally random card!
I'd like to request a card! Light on horror-specific squares, please.

That should be everyone! Please let me know if I missed your request!
Thank you!

I will start making my reading list now :)
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