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Discussion: 2019 Halloween Bingo: Request Your Card Here
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created by: Moonlight Murder
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Hello, I’d love to join this year. Could I please get a card that is supernatural and mystery/thriller based. Thank you so much for the card and for all your hard work

I *think* I am caught up again! Let me know!
Thanks so much. I'm so excited to plan the books tomorrow!
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Thank you so much!! I love my card and I'm soooo excited to plan out my reading.
OMG looks amazing thank you so much
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Thank you so much for the gorgeous card! :)
Love it!! Thank you so much!
Would like a card please , and can it be towards :thriller , supernatural and horror if I can
Would love a card with as little horror as possible. :) Thank you so much!!
Will get to you guys probably by Monday. For now will add you to our participants list. Thanks for being so patient!
As OB said, I will get to you on Monday!
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It fine guys ,and I'm looking forward to doing it again this year since I had fun last year
Thank you MM! I appreciate it!
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