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Discussion: The Pandemic Diaries: 3/19/2020
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Working at home still. Have been doing that since February when news of virus outbreak started in Wuhan and killed many people.

Being stuck at home has its side effect. Not having a social life. All the movie, shows, drinks and social events become out of the question. Wearing surgical mask to protect other people in case I got it myself. Fearing that as the symptom of virus on relatively mild in healthy individuals. Getting the care and support from friend who insisted that I got more surgical mask just in case. Washing my hands many times and using alcohol base gel to wipe hands whenever I touch button to open door or pushing a lift button. Buying take out instead of having meal with friend.

It is not fun. Just doing my part in trying to reduce the spread of this virus in a densely populated city. Still going to bookstore and stock up on books. Spending my weekends and holiday by myself and would not travel to any place even if I got days off.

Just hope this would be over soon. In the meantime, stay positive and talk to coworkers on Zoom and Skype. Trying to stay positive.
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I love the idea of curbside hold delivery! And it would keep at least a few people actively working, rather than all furloughed. Our library is just plain old closed, but we do have digital services through Overdrive. The collection is very small and dull, but the Houston Public Library offers free digital membership to all Texas residents, and their collection is much better.
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It sounds as though you are doing all the right things and have a good support system in place, but yes, it's still scary times.
I'm a natural hermit. My only beef is having to leave the house more often to scavenge shops for basics.
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Yes it is. I still think the good people who are aware of this virus would help to stop it from killing. My trust is with people, and not the incompetent, ignorant, power-hungry government officials.
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