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Discussion: Feature Requests
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Let us know about your suggestions and features that you would like to see on BookLikes :-) Before adding new feature, please check if the idea isn't already posted. This will hep up in planning our works and future releases.

Thank you and welcome to BookLikes discussion room :-)
Great!!! I'd love to have an option of arranging our bookshelves manually. and also more options to arrange the shelves by (like publishing date and number of pages).

Also I would really love if the book pages would contain more data. I understand that it's "time consuming" to add all that data, so maybe request people to be moderators - allow them to change / add data on the book pages.

One last thing - I would love to have the different version of a book in the same book page (ebook, paperback etc.) it's strange that there are more than one page per book and that the review are separated due to that.

Thanks for the great work this far!!
So we have the little widget that shows your current progress in a book, which is great. As a way to enrich it, I would love to be able to jot down (and possibly publish) any thoughts I might have at that particular point in the book, and then be able to access all my notes as one cohesive unit for the book - depedning on how often I do this for a book it could almost make a skeleton review, and the notes are useful if/when writing a final review. It also serves as a great way to remember what I thought of a book that I never got round to review, even if the notes just might be variations of "aaaaaarrrrrgh, this MC is an utter idiot!" :-)

At the moment I just create posts that show my current progress as a title and whatever I want to say at that point, but I can't see them all as a collected whole for a particular book.
Thank you so much for creating these groups! One of the most important things I'd wish for is the ability to make a group private.
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Oooh, some sort of combination-view for books would be great. I would dig a way to see all reviews for a book regardless of which edition it was. Having separate pages for each edition makes sense, but it would be great to consolidate the reviews for all editions.
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just wondering why does it make sense to you to have different pages for different editions? its the same book. same content. I like that on GR you simply choose from a list which edition you read
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Different pages are useful, because you can add a book more than once. E.g.when you read a book and listen to the audiobook too. As far as I know that's a problem on goodreads - here on booklikes you can just add both versions of this book
don't see exactly the point in that :] would make sense to me to mmm check some box saying you read it and also listened to it. but IMO it's still the same book - therefore suppose to be in the same page.

Well, the important thing is an option of seeing all the reviews in one place :)
PMs to other members. We definitely need a feature to enable us to send Private messages.
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In goodreads too you can add two different editions and post separate reviews. And integrated book pae with the same option would be the best. My shelf in BL is a mess because its filled with different editions of the same book!
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This sounds excellent. Works for everyone.
A search within my shelves function. For instance if I wanted to search all MY books for a specific author. I know I can go to all books and order them in alphabetic order by author, but then I have to scroll through the pages of books or estimate what page number I think it could be on to put in the URL.

And as I write, it would be nice to be able to search for an author on the Booklikes database or even all sources to come up with a list of books by a given author. Some are available from Amazon Canada, some Amazon US, some Kobo, some Indigo... it makes it quite the chore to just find all the books by one author.

(And please, if possible, give me the option to get rid of that "invite your facebook friends" banner on my dash!)
Private messaging
Private groups - where the mod has to approve a new member and discussions aren't visible to non-members
Ability to create a post from "reading progress" changes on a book I'm currently reading
Librarian abilities - creating a subset of BL members who can edit book data on existing books, and a discussion room where non-librarians can post edit requests

This site is fabulous, by the way, and I really appreciate all the hard work you're doing, and the super warm welcome we received.
I would love to have an archive feature for shelves which we don't want to add to anymore but want to keep around for reference...
Oh, I forgot one! :) The ability to make simple changes to book entries without having to delete them and add them back, ie, change covers, change editions, correct spelling and grammatical errors.

Thanks for listening!

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