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Discussion: Is the Distaste Towards Goodreads's Censorship Over?
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created by: Robert Edward
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Is it over? Is this still a big deal to people? Did Goodreads fall?


Goodreads has climbed in number of visits pretty securely. There's a slight drop toward the end of 2013, but it appears everyone went back.


Number of Page views per user is down 9.11%

Time on Site on average per user is down 8.00%

What I can gander from that is one hypothesis many thought could happen. I'd guess that the big users of Goodreads have either left or put way less time into the site.

Tis could show that the culture of the site and the amount of new content is slowing down, even with Goodreads increasing its overall visits (probably from new users)

So is it true? Are the bigger users of Goodreads still holding firm to their dislike toward Goodreads? The only way to find out is by asking around, so I'll be sure to do that!

In the mean time, what do you think is going on with this data?

What are the possible implications?
I will admit to still using GR, but not nearly as much as I used to. I've stopped posting reviews there entirely, and have deleted all my shelves (except for the one that I use to keep track of what books I've moved here to BL).

Really the only reason I still stay as "active" as I am is because their book database is easier to navigate to find new books or the proper edition. If BL had a database that was, not necessarily as comprehensive, but more in-depth and specific, then I probably wouldn't feel the need to log onto GR daily.

I do keep up a presence there since some of my friends only use GR and there's a couple of people that I follow that don't post to here, so that would really be the only reason that I would keep up my GR account.
I still use it to keep up with friends, but am putting up few full reviews. Usually just snippets pointing to Booklikes or my blog for the full review.

I use their database for new books I get from publishers bc they're usually not yet on BL. And I haven't made a librarian edit since September bc fuckit.
I am still there, but I only visit certain threads now, 4 or 5 at the most, down to 2 communities instead of 9. Mostly I use it as my book database and for finding new books. I also rely heavily on GR's ratings, or rather ratings of my friends.

GR's database is superior to anyone else's and I am afraid that as long as it stays that way, we are firmly attached to it. We're in dire need of a competitor. I have high hopes for Leafmarks, but they are just a baby at this stage, slow, clumsy and immature.
I'm still there because: A. so I can be social with friends who haven't moved, B. the book database, and C. to answer PMs from other folks on GR who haven't heard about the problem, and want to know "what's with the censored?!?"

I don't leave more than a shell of a review, with link to full one here, am not putting new books on shelves other than "read" (I figure that one's safe!) or one that indicates I have no interest in reading the book, and am doing no librarian edits that don't help me or a friend out.
Until I can find a better book database, I'm still using GR to grab book info. However, if it starts to fall apart, that will just be one less reason to be over there. I'm not giving them any of the 200-300 reviews I'll write this year. I also find that there are a few groups over there that are really good about posting discounts and coupons that I don't want to miss. It would be great if you could get solid poll results, but I highly doubt that GR is going to go out of their way to admit they are falling apart.
I only use it for reviews and keeping in track with those people I met there basically now. In other words the time I spend on there has definitely dropped by a large amount.
The large increase in visits pretty well coincides with the addition of GR to the kindle fire tablet.

I still visit daily to check on my friends, and fetch data from there in Calibre, but I don't spend time there like i used to, nor do I spend effort or hours fixing book data. I have the app on my tablet too, and they probably ping the site for updates too. Raw numbers of unique visitors is not the whole story.
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