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Tracker's Sin (Hell's Eight, #4) - Community Reviews back

by Sarah McCarty
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Sarah's Library
Sarah's Library rated it 4 years ago
3/12 - This didn't feel like a complete book, it felt more like part two of Desi's book Caine's Reckoning. If I hadn't read Caine's Reckoning Tracker's Sin would have made absolutely no sense, more so than any of the other books in the series. At the beginning of the book the story is already halfwa...
Lynsey A's Love of Romance
Lynsey A's Love of Romance rated it 6 years ago
A good, sweet read. I definitely liked this story better than Caine and Desi's. I thought Tracker was very sweet to Ari. I liked the way he gentled her into trusting him. I didn't care for the way Caine handled Desi in their book. I thought it was a very fast read. It didn't take me long to read it....
Mei's shelves
Mei's shelves rated it 7 years ago
Finally Ari's here!Poor Ari, with her memory blocked... I felt so sorry for her. And I sometimes hated Tracker when he misunderstood... and I ached for him when Ari rejected him...I ached for Desi when Ari recovered her memories and rejected her too... but I loved the reunion of the sisters and the ...
Climbing Stories
Climbing Stories rated it 7 years ago
Review coming up!
Heather in FL
Heather in FL rated it 8 years ago
Awww Tracker. First, I was so glad they found Ari. And I was glad that Tracker was going to let Ari believe what was told to her by Vincente and Josefina, who were caring for her and the baby. It was a much kinder lie than what had been her reality. I felt so bad for Ari and her circumstances, and y...
cat's corner
cat's corner rated it 9 years ago
Not exactly the resolution I'd hoped for with Ari & Tracker's (respective) stories, but I enjoyed it more than Tucker and Sam's books. Am looking forward to Shadow's story - *fingers crossed*.
You Know Me As Lad
You Know Me As Lad rated it 9 years ago
I've been dancing around the Hell's Eight series for a few reasons.1. I'm tired of every book I come across being part of a series.2. I tried one of McCarty's promises books and I had to stop reading when there was what felt like a 20 page oral sex scene. I don't mind sex but that scene actually bor...
Read Fragment
Read Fragment rated it 9 years ago
This is the first time I've encountered a mashup of the Wild West and the "true love means not saying 'No' when he reaches for the lube" genre, unexpected to say the least. McCarty has done a good job of setting up a large group of men to feature in sequels. If TRACKER'S SIN is representative of t...
samanthabk rated it 10 years ago
Readers who have been waiting to learn of Ari’s fate, wait no more, Sarah McCarty delivers the latest installment of her Hell’s Eight series.Tracker Ochoa is a man who knows about pain and suffering. Having lived through a massacre, Tracker knows hard living and knows that many don’t accept him beca...
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