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Treasure Island - Community Reviews back

by Robert Louis Stevenson, Don Hebert, Jill Tattersall, Mapes Monde Editore Staff, Paul Paienonsky
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The better to see you, my dear
The better to see you, my dear rated it 1 year ago
Ha! Double Ha! I Looooved how everyone turned on everyone at a drop of a hat on the "Pirates of the Caribean" movies. Now I know where they got it from. Bases, teams and situations changed constantly in this one. It's great fun. One gets so used to classics staying in print for serious reasons, ...
Philosophical Musings of a Book Nerd
Despite this book being the progenitor of pretty much all of the pirate books of the 20th Century, as well as being an influence of many of the adventure and 'boys' books that came afterwards, I found this book rather dull. Maybe it has a lot to do with my lack of enthusiasm for 19th Century English...
Dang Rover: Cover to Cover
Dang Rover: Cover to Cover rated it 2 years ago
I love that my 7th grader was assigned Treasure Island for English Class. In school my English teachers did their very best to kill my love for reading. Grapes of Wrath? Snooze. Thank goodness for Cliffs Notes. Treasure Island, though? Winner. I hadn't read it myself, though it'd been holding ...
Wanda's Book Reviews
Wanda's Book Reviews rated it 2 years ago
A treasure map where X marks the spot, a schooner set to sail, a onelegged seaman with a parrot on his shoulder, a boy whose bravery will be tested by murder, mutiny, and betrayal — Robert Louis Stevenson’s well-loved tale is the ultimate swashbuckling adventure. Sweeping a path from the sleepy Engl...
Reading is my ESCAPE from Reality!
Reading is my ESCAPE from Reality! rated it 2 years ago
This is my first time reading Treasure Island. I guess I'm not good at reading "the classics". I am a big fan of dystopian stories and current fiction. So, maybe classics just aren't my thing. But, I feel like I should try to get through some of them, just because they are classics. Treasure Isla...
 Spooky's House Of Books
Spooky's House Of Books rated it 3 years ago
after all this time I finally picked it back up,can't believe it to me this long to do so because it's been years since I've read this book which is sad because this one and Dracula got me in to read classic.Read this for # lindseyalong Aug.21st -28 Classic reads , and I'm so glad I did,even though ...
Bookers are at our Fingers
Bookers are at our Fingers rated it 3 years ago
Thsi book written by RL Stevenson is really the best adventure book ever written. Treasure Island takes the readers on an unforgettable journey in the ocean. The twists and turn are really breath taking. I reccommend it to everyone.
blackguysdoread rated it 4 years ago
I love pirates and pirate stories. The adventure and independence on the high-seas is something that speaks to old boyhood fantasies. Sadly, I didn't find much of that adventure in Treasure Island. It was interesting seeing where all of the pirate story conventions originated, but otherwise it wasn'...
A Voracious Reader
A Voracious Reader rated it 4 years ago
*Book source ~ Library Do I really need to summarize this book? It’s Treasure Island, a classic for Pete’s sake! Ok, ok…Jim Hawkins is a young son of an innkeeper. When a drunken pirate, Billy Bones, comes to stay at the inn he tells Jim many different stories, but he also has Jim keep a weather e...
Bookworm Blurbs
Bookworm Blurbs rated it 4 years ago
The most popular pirate story ever written in English, featuring one of literature’s most beloved “bad guys,” Treasure Island has been happily devoured by several generations of boys—and girls—and grownups. Its unforgettable characters include: young Jim Hawkins, who finds himself owner of a map to ...
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