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Unravel - Community Reviews back

by Calia Read
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The Symmetrical Bookworm
The Symmetrical Bookworm rated it 5 years ago
Recently, I started reading New Adult. I started with two; Easy by Tammara Webber and this book. While Easy was unimpressive, I think Unravel was a great novel. Unravel is fascinating, because we have a mentally unstable narrator. Naomi is in the psychiatric ward. She is in love with a man named M...
Just One More Chapter
Just One More Chapter rated it 6 years ago
what an absolutely gripping novel! It was sexy/explicit, it was baffling, it was heart wrenching, it was totally messed up, it was beautiful, and a complete and utter roller coaster ride. I can't even think of a synopsis where the heart of the story is not revealed. So I'll just say that it has touc...
EmilySavant rated it 6 years ago
There’s a point towards the end where I was thinking “wow, I really don’t see what’s wrong with this girl. Why is she in a crazy hospital? I’m no doctor but I can diagnose her as not crazy, just under pressure with all the drama going on, it’s really mean for all these people to make her seem like s...
Literary Marie's Precision Reviews
Literary Marie's Precision Reviews rated it 6 years ago
Never mind the attractive cover. Never mind the 3,000+ positive reviews on a 3-month-old book. I chose to read Unravel simply because the author's last name is Read. In my experience as a copyeditor and book reviewer, great books are written by readers. So with a last name like that, Unravel must be...
Isabeler rated it 6 years ago
And so it starts . Pet peeve #1 : Girl meets guy for the first time and her heart almost comes through her mouth = check Pet peeve #2 : Girl gets stupidly jealous at the thought of hero with other women before she meets him = check Naomi = Lana It reminded me of " I am her "
Tanja @ Ja čitam, a ti?
Tanja @ Ja čitam, a ti? rated it 7 years ago
Boy this is something else. I don't think I'll review it as I have no idea what to say but - READ IT!
Destini Mia
Destini Mia rated it 7 years ago
Brilliant. This book... I'm still not sure what it's done to me. I was mesmerized by Unravel. I was consumed by the need to know what was going on and it was unputdownable! “Most people believe the truth is a delicate little bird. They think it's harmless. But I know something they don't.” “God off...
VeganCleopatra rated it 7 years ago
Overall I found Unravel to be quite an entertaining novel. At its core it is a psychological thriller, one that in fact kept me guessing despite having figured out the twist earlier in the book. You just don't quite know whether Naomi is crazy or not, or in fact what is real and what is not. Romance...
isamlq rated it 7 years ago
Wait a minute. Just. Wait. A. Minute. I’m slightly confused even if I sort of knew how things were going to play out. Is this Tyler Durden all over again or Beautiful Mind? because this book was for the most part awesome in the telling but slightly confusing in its ending. Soooo, I love/hate that fi...
ireadlikeaboss rated it 7 years ago
Unravel was one of my most anticipated books of 2014!!!**SPOILER-FREE REVIEW**I have been counting down the months, weeks, days, minutes until I could read this book.  Just seconds ago, I finished this book that have not-so-patiently waiting for.  A book that whispered to me throughout the day and w...
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