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Vessel - Community Reviews back

by Sarah Beth Durst
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Garden-of-Stars rated it 7 years ago
Well that was quite the beautiful little thing (it should've been little, considering that the margins and line spacing for this book is a little ridiculous but moving along). Out of all the books I want to read, some are those that I'm DYING to read, and this was one of them. The cover, the title, ...
Life of a bookworm
Life of a bookworm rated it 7 years ago
4 Stars
Ani's Book Abyss
Ani's Book Abyss rated it 7 years ago
I’m going to get straight to the point with this one. I loved everything about this book except for the ending and some random moments of flat drag, very fleetingly dispersed throughout the story. There were some chapters that seemed out of place and some chapters that could have used some sprucing ...
AnimeJune's Obsessions
AnimeJune's Obsessions rated it 8 years ago
Unapologetic Reader, Psychotic Writer
Vessel is a book that seems so predictable at first that you seem to have all the cards about the story laid down. You know who the bad guy is. You know how the romance will phase out. You can guess what the big mystery is. You can predict how the characters are going to act throughout the book. Aaa...
Bookish Excursions
Bookish Excursions rated it 8 years ago
Vessel is one of those books that require some suspension of belief. The idea that gods and goddesses are magical beings who are unable to wield enough power to impact the human world without inhabiting a human body, called a vessel, is kind of outrageous. After all, they are gods. I enjoyed the p...
newskepticx's blog
newskepticx's blog rated it 8 years ago
Eh, the plot was rather shallow but I liked the concept of the world a lot and I think this could have been really something if it was...deepened? I quite like the idea of vessels.
briarrose87 rated it 8 years ago
I've long been a fan of Sarah Beth Durst. Her stories cover a wide variety of genres, and are always worth reading. This book was quite unlike anything else I'd ever encountered, and while it isn't my favorite of Durst's, it's still interesting.My favorite character in "Vessel" was the desert. It is...
A Sea of Stars
A Sea of Stars rated it 8 years ago
2.5 stars.Before reading: WOOOHOO, I want to be at this party!After reading: I want to go home. It started like most books, with hope of discovering your new favorite book. I was pretty excited for everything because everything was going well. It wasn't like anything I'd read (unless you count me co...
Ageless Pages Reviews
Ageless Pages Reviews rated it 8 years ago
Very fun, and original. A few issues with repetition and the narrative make it hard for me to rate it more than a four, but Vessel is a creative fantasy with a lot to offer.
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