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Warm Bodies: A Novel - Community Reviews back

by Isaac Marion
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Grimlock ♥ Ultra Magnus
Grimlock ♥ Ultra Magnus rated it 4 years ago
Not even as far as writing, although it's a gorgeous use of language. But I'm thinking more the ending, which, yes, brings hope from pain - but isn't the tragic ending of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. R. Julie. M(arcus). Romeo, Juliet and Mercutio. There are obvious differences. Wa...
Lornographic Material
Lornographic Material rated it 5 years ago
This book and its film adaptation have a horrible marketing team. I mean borderline brain-damaged. This is no TWILIGHT with zombies. The writing is crisp and fresh. Marion's gift for storytelling is remarkable, the way he can describe the smallest things with brilliant metaphors and similes. One of ...
elepoon rated it 5 years ago
For a zombie novel, this isn't as gruesome as you'd expect. Yes, it has sections that are a bit cringe-worthy, but nothing major. This is more a story of love; a zombie's love for a human, and how he must rise above his natural urges to kill, if he wants to save the woman he has fallen for.It is a s...
If wishes were horses...
If wishes were horses... rated it 5 years ago
Not much to say. It's like a funny joke...which the teller of the joke spends 5 minutes explaining. Yeah I get it already. I can see that a lot of people would like this book and it's not bad...I mean it was entertaining enough, but honestly characters named R, M and Julie? A little pretentious...
Blame It On the Books
Blame It On the Books rated it 5 years ago
Real Rating: 4.5Review to come.
Bonnie's Books
Bonnie's Books rated it 5 years ago
I won a copy of this book through a Goodreads giveaway.This took me so long to read because I actually forgot that I was reading it! The middle dragged and I really didn't like any of the characters. I should have known that Warm Bodies wasn't for me when someone described it as Romeo and Juliet wit...
A Spoopy Love Affair With Books
A Spoopy Love Affair With Books rated it 5 years ago
I'm not even going to pretend that viewing the movie wasn't the main reason I decided to pick the book up, because it was; I'd known of the book, and I do read plenty of zombie fiction, so I might have gotten around to it eventually. But what I knew about the book, and what people talked about, was ...
Diamond Dee Loves to Read
Diamond Dee Loves to Read rated it 5 years ago
I won a copy of this book in a Goodreads giveaway. I had fun reading this book. I'm glad I waited to see the movie because it's always more fun to picture the characters in your head. The book is very skillfully written. Immediately I felt pulled into R's world. A dystopian world full of zombies wit...
Elephant Butts
Elephant Butts rated it 6 years ago
*received a free copy of this book through Goodreads giveaways.R is a zombie. An incredibly sweet, adorable, thoughtful zombie. R's voice grabbed me right from the beginning. The way he described the other zombies and bonies was hilarious. Sometimes I just wanted to hug R...and who wants to hug a...
Reading With Cass
Reading With Cass rated it 6 years ago
Loved it! It was amazing!
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