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What The Dog Saw: And Other Adventures - Community Reviews back

by Malcolm Gladwell
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Admitted Dilettante
Admitted Dilettante rated it 7 years ago
so much for the Wonderlic. . .
SandyQ rated it 7 years ago
I enjoy Malcolm Gladwell's books. And, overall, this one was interesting and enjoyable to read as well.This collection of his New Yorker pieces really left me thinking, though, that it's a mistake to believe that just because someone gets to be a writer for a prestigious magazine, they know what the...
wealhtheow rated it 7 years ago
A collection of Malcolm Gladwell's articles from The New Yorker. Gladwell has a tendency to link together two seemingly unrelated subjects(the breaking of Enron and the investigation into Watergate, for instance) and tie them into a fundamental concept (in that example, the problem of figuring out ...
Kate says
Kate says rated it 7 years ago
Malcolm Gladwell is acclaimed writer and journalist. He’s a man full of ambitions, eagerness, success and luck. Not so strange that he decided to write a book or, lets put it better, describe people alike him: intelligent, successful, ambitious and passionate. What the Dog Saw smoothly presents ...
realityinabox rated it 7 years ago
I think I like this one more than the others of his books that I've read. Nice, relatively short articles, typically with a lot to think about. It wouldn't be a MG book without plane crashes, teachers/student test scores, NYC crime, and immigrants, but fortunately he touched on much more than just...
meganbaxter rated it 8 years ago
You know, I think I'm done with Malcolm Gladwell. I intentionally try to read a fair number of currently-popular books, so this is the third of his that I've read. Once or twice a year, I come across a book I just can't finish (why, hello, Jean-Paul Sartre! Nausea defeated me!) This, I think, is the...
riley rated it 8 years ago
I had something to say but the app wasn't working for like a week. As good as his proper books with the same main weaknesses. More variety makes it slightly more interesting but slightly less meaningful.
suehutchings rated it 8 years ago
Tried to read this book on several occasions but it just did not keep by interest. I finally decided not to bother with it anymore so I have never finished it. It may be a good book but not for me.
Book Candy
Book Candy rated it 9 years ago
It was okay... Maybe better reading it instead of listening to the audio book. Very long but many parts did interest me enough to stay with it.
Ms. Margie
Ms. Margie rated it 9 years ago
This collection of previously published pieces from The New Yorker is interesting, though I have the same complaints about it that I had of his earlier books. He offers an interesting viewpoint on something, but it's not backed by comprehensive data, and he generally presents his viewpoint as accep...
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