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Wicked Games - Community Reviews back

by Jill Myles, Jessica Clare
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CarrieJ rated it 5 years ago
First off I'm going to say is that I fell in love with this book and series! I got this book for free from B&N(who knows when) and every so often I go through all my free books which is over 1000+ and pick out books I want to try. Usually most of them are junk or poor knock offs of other books I hav...
Silk & Serif
Silk & Serif rated it 5 years ago
Well written, not your average romance. I honestly forgot for the first half of the novel that I was reading a romance novel. I couldnt put it down, and the romance was realistic. The final show airing on television and Abby's response to Dean's Confessions..heart breaking and melting. My only compl...
Amanda's Blog
Amanda's Blog rated it 5 years ago
3.5 starsConsidering this book is only 200 over pages and the blurb pretty much says it all, I'm going to keep this short and simply. This is quite a short, fun and sexy read about Abby, a book reviewer, who reluctantly joined the Survivor reality game show and got team up with Dean Woodall, the com...
 Leah's Bookish Obsession
Leah's Bookish Obsession rated it 5 years ago
Synopsis: Abby Lewis never pictured herself on the survival game show, Endurance Island. She’s just not the ‘survival’ type. But when her boss offers her a spot on the show and the opportunity of a lifetime, she packs her bags and heads to the tropics to be a contestant. Once in the game, though, ...
These Words Tell a Story...
These Words Tell a Story... rated it 5 years ago
This was just a really fun, light read. I thought I was cute and liked how it kind of poked a little fun at reality Tv.
Sitting on the edge with my Kindle
Sitting on the edge with my Kindle rated it 6 years ago
I really enjoyed this.The basic premise is obvious from the cover blurb - 'normal' girl placed onto survivor-type reality show as a ringer with a hidden agenda, meets gorgeous male and they instantly dislike each other. Fates conspire to make them partners in the show and they gradually start to lik...
Jamie Gypsy Smut~ateer
Jamie Gypsy Smut~ateer rated it 6 years ago
"Welcome to Endurance Island! We are here in the famous Cook Islands, home to piracy and private, sandy beaches. This will be your home for the next six weeks, provided you can withstand all the challenges that Endurance Island has in store for you!"So, I'm going to make this short and sweet, lol. T...
DP9 rated it 6 years ago
Actually rather enjoyed the story. A funny and easy read.
Kat Morrisey
Kat Morrisey rated it 6 years ago
This book was a solid 3.5 to 3.75, hence rounding it up to 4 stars. I was happily surprised when I read this book. It was short (145 pages on my Nook color; not sure about the word count) and I read it in a couple hours, but it was well worth the time. The writing was tight, I didn't see any editing...
Rachel's books
Rachel's books rated it 6 years ago
Highly recommend this one. I liked the romance and the basis for the story (Survivor-like show).
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