Murder by Death
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text 14 hours ago
Reading progress update: I've read 79 out of 190 pages.
I was struck by the soul-bearing honesty of this passage: "Now is it not hard that a person may ha...
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text 15 hours ago
Four Funerals and Maybe a Wedding (Her Royal Spyness, #12)
This series is always enjoyable, even when the plots aren't as good as they could be. Luckily, even...
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text 22 hours ago
Halloween Bingo 2018: A wall of bingo fabulousness. And a cat who thinks he's fabulous.
Found an envelope on the coffee table waiting for me when I got home from coffee this morning: ...
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text 2 days ago
Reading progress update: I've read 37 out of 190 pages.
I've read through May, and I had three quotes I was going to share - three! - and Themis-Athena beat...
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text 3 days ago
For Obsidian Blue again ... thoughts?
Either? Neither? Both?
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