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Willing Captive - Community Reviews back

by Belle Aurora
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Romance Reader (and Writer)
Romance Reader (and Writer) rated it 8 years ago
4.5 stars.I loved this. From start to finish, I was hooked. I liked Lily. She was both sweet and fiery and gave as good as she got when needed. As for Nox, he had a cockiness to him that drew me in from the moment he removed his mask.The storyline was interesting and unique.I wasn't expecting for th...
the little bookish
the little bookish rated it 8 years ago
DNF @ 40%I stopped reading because...1. I was okay with heroine at first but then she turned into an annoying person.2. Heroine is age 22 but doesn't act or think like one.3. First person narrative.4. Present tense.5. Well, this book wasn't for me. I'm so sorry.Read on your own peril.
Amanda's Blog
Amanda's Blog rated it 8 years ago
I have read Bella Aurora's Friend-Zoned series and it was fun, hilarious, at certain time ridiculous, but overall heart-warming. So when I saw this cover by the same author, I'm kinda shocked. Don't you dare go Fifty Shades on me, Bella. I thought she is jumping the shark or something.Well, Willing ...
Book Talk
Book Talk rated it 8 years ago
Despite the cover and the title, this is by any mean NOT a dark romance. Just thought I mention it, in case any of you missed out on the author’s note. Willing Captive is a funny, heartbreakingly sweet story about unconditional love. Of a father to his daughters and family. Of a man and a woman to o...
Mistress Kittens Kinks
Mistress Kittens Kinks rated it 8 years ago
Likes: Funny, like I'm still laughing from moments in the book while I write funny.Enjoyed the chemistry btn the MC'sClever cover. Screams dark read but that's so far from it.We'll written. Dual POV. There are moments that my eyes reached for the heavens from the MC, Lily, antics.
Duchess Loves Books
Duchess Loves Books rated it 8 years ago
HOW does this have ratings already? Stop being petty, people...the book isn't even finished. How can you dislike it? Or like it, for that matter? It's extremely simple...don't rate until you read.
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