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Wolves of the Calla - Community Reviews back

by Bernie Wrightson, Stephen King
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Reading is my ESCAPE from Reality!
Reading is my ESCAPE from Reality! rated it 3 years ago
I've mentioned before how much I love the Dark Tower series. And while I keep asking myself why I waited so long to read it, I'm also glad I waited because I can go to the next book immediately. I was so wrapped up in the story, that I was surprised it ended. I bought the next audible book immediate...
Char's Horror Corner
Char's Horror Corner rated it 3 years ago
I'm not exactly sure why, but I enjoyed this more this time around than I did the first time. I much prefer this narrator over Frank Muller. (At this end of this audio book, King himself speaks about Frank Muller and why he didn't continue narrating this series-it was due to a motorcycle accident ...
Cody's Bookshelf
Cody's Bookshelf rated it 4 years ago
Synopsis: Set in a world of extraordinary circumstances, filled with stunning visual imagery and unforgettable characters, the DARK TOWER series is unlike anything you have ever read.Here is the fifth installment, "one of the strongest entries yet in what will surely be a master storyteller's magnum...
Book Babble
Book Babble rated it 5 years ago
Doombots with lightsabers and explosive snitches? Yes please!It’s only getting better. I blew through this book in just a few days. I can’t contain my excitement as I travel deeper into this mind bending series.. I wish that I had read Salem’s Lot before reading this, so I could be a bit more attach...
The English Student
The English Student rated it 5 years ago
Wolves of the Calla was just a slog. Which is not good when The Dark Tower is supposed to be my favourite fantasy series since ever. The fifth book in a septet, Wolves sees Roland and his ka-tet stumbling across a township in the middle of nowhere. In Calla Bryn Sturgis, vastly more twins are born...
Read All The Things! Reviews
Read All The Things! Reviews rated it 5 years ago
On their way to the Dark Tower, Roland and his band of gunslingers find themselves in a town where almost everyone is a twin. Once every 20 years, creatures called Wolves come out of the east and kidnap one child from every set of twins. No one knows why this happens, but the townspeople need Roland...
Inked Brownies
Inked Brownies rated it 5 years ago
2.5 stars My god, I thought I was never going to finish this one...While I was very enthusiastic about continuing my 'Dark Tower' journey with this fifth volume, I became very dissapointed in it after about a 100 pages. The first 50-100 pages are fine. Then you realise the story isn't going anywher...
BOOKWRAITHS REVIEWS rated it 6 years ago
Wolves of the Calla was one of those novels that it took me a while to actually "get into" (A four month hiatus between reading attempts to be precise.), but once I did, it was enjoyable. Not a masterpiece like several of the preceding Dark Tower novels, but interesting enough for me to continue the...
Lornographic Material
Lornographic Material rated it 6 years ago
Here we are, friends, that much closer to that elusive cylindrical bastard, the Dark Tower. This book, as well as the next two, is meta as fuck. Self aware, as it were. Skynet up in this piece. Yes, it's cool to see Donald (Calla)han again. Nice to know how he spent his time after vampires sucked...
thync1 rated it 6 years ago
This is actually a 4.5 but I'm being generous cos Mr. King went seriously geekballs meta on our asses. C'mon - Dr Doom robots wielding lightsabers and tossing death-dealing sneetches! And although the entire Dark Tower story so far has seemed like a series of campaign missions culminating in a gran...
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