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Working IX to V - Community Reviews back

by Vicki León, Vicki Le N.
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SusannaG - Confessions of a Crazy Cat Lady
This is a rather flippant (and rather funny) jobs guide to the ancient Greco-Roman world (with a few side-trips to Ptolemaic Egypt). If one were a slave, and slaves were common, I'd definitely rather be a sandaligerula, whose job was to change her master or mistress' shoes, than be doomed to work ...
Chris' Fish Place
Chris' Fish Place rated it 8 years ago
Not as good as Leon's other books, though her humor is still there. Intersting though. I would hate to be an arm hair picker.
Expendable Mudge Muses Aloud
Expendable Mudge Muses Aloud rated it 10 years ago
Hell, what are we all complaining about?! At least we're not Roman aquarii, fishing around down in sewers or funeral clowns (we call those preachers these days) or bath slaves ewww ewww...a lot of careers in the ancient world weren't things that DeVry or Virginia College would prepare you for.Vicki ...
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