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The Party Goes On: The Persistence Of The Two Party System In The United States - Xandra Kayden
The Party Goes On: The Persistence Of The Two Party System In The United States
by Xandra Kayden (author)
publisher: Basic Books (AZ)
format: hardcover pages: 256
language: English
ISBN: 0465054536 (9780465054534)
Campaign Organization - Xandra Kayden
Campaign Organization
by Xandra Kayden (author)
publisher: Heath, 182 pages, Paperback" /> publish date: June 1st 1978
format: paperback pages: 182
language: English
ISBN: 0669017825 (9780669017823)
California Policy Options, 1999 - Daniel Mitchell, Xandra Kayden, Steven Erie, Theodore Mitchell, Harold Brackman, Paul Ong, Cecilia Conrad, Tom Lieser, Evelyn Blumenberg, Rual Hinojosa-Ojeda, Patricia Nomura
California Policy Options, 1999
by Patricia Nomura (author), Rual Hinojosa-Ojeda (author), Evelyn Blumenberg (author), Tom Lieser (author), Cecilia Conrad (author), Xandra Kayden (author), Theodore Mitchell (author), Daniel Mitchell (author), Steven Erie (author), Paul Ong (author), Harold Brackman (author)
format: paperback pages: 123
ISBN: 096588712X (9780965887120)
Presidential Selection - Alexander Heard, Michael Nelson, Ralf Dahrendorf, Gary Orren, John Aldrich, James Beniger, Xandra Kayden, James Barber, Thomas E. Patterson, Allan Sindler, Ernest May, Robert Giuffra, Herb Asher
Presidential Selection
by Robert Giuffra (author), Herb Asher (author), James Beniger (author), Xandra Kayden (author), Gary Orren (author), John Aldrich (author), Alexander Heard (author), Allan Sindler (author), James Barber (author), Thomas E. Patterson (author), Ralf Dahrendorf (author), Michael Nelson (author), Ernest May (author)
publisher: Duke University Press Books publish date: August 17th 1987
format: hardcover pages: 423
language: English
ISBN: 0822307502 (9780822307501)
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