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A Companion to Wolves - Community Reviews back

by Sarah Monette, Elizabeth Bear
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Manga Maniac Cafe
Manga Maniac Cafe rated it 6 years ago
DNF - read to 20%. I don't have the patience for this right now. The names are killing me, and the pacing isn't to my taste. Maybe I'll have more success later
The Wombat's Book Blog
The Wombat's Book Blog rated it 6 years ago
I picked up this book last night, because the third book is due out in a few weeks and I wanted to read the ones that came before before it does. I finished it this morning.In between, I edited a newspaper (badly, I'm sure), slept three hours, and made up the newspaper. I was so distracted I could h...
BookWatcher rated it 8 years ago
"Njall looked at Hrolleif, and then at Vigdis and Skald, and knew that Brandr was right."I read 30% of this story. And give up. That phrase? It's NOTHING. Imagine read 30% of a book with phrases like or WORST than that I used as example. Why worst? Simple, I lost count of how many characters are in...
Trix rated it 9 years ago
I think it speaks for itself the fact that I read this from one day to the next and had to go to work as well. I could be petty and drop 0.2 stars for little things (like weird names of people and places) but I won't.It took me a while to get into the feel of the book. For one, the names made it dif...
jasmijn rated it 9 years ago
I didn't expect this to be this good! A good thing the sex was never explicit though, because I doubt I could have handled it. I felt uncomfortable enough at the idea of it. I like it when characters suffer, but that doesn't mean I want to read about it in detail.
K. rated it 10 years ago
This really picked up toward the end, when Isolfr decided to actually do something of his own accord. It got a little hairy in the middle with all the violent mass matings and the metaphorical pissing contests. I didn't read reviews for this one so I was a bit unprepared for all that.There was a str...
loriK rated it 10 years ago
I wanted something different and gritty to read. This satisfied both of those criteria.The biggest issue I had with the book was pronouncing all the words and names. There were too many characters introduced quickly with names that were almost impossible for me to pronounce and remember. As to the...
Les Aventures De Léna Léna
Les Aventures De Léna Léna rated it 10 years ago
The first half of this book was frustrating. I am not someone who remembers names well. If you introduce yourself to me, chances are I am so busy looking at your interesting cowlick or lovely eyes I don't even hear you and I have to embarrass myself 3 minutes later asking your name again. In my busi...
Nita Good Book
Nita Good Book rated it 10 years ago
Have you ever read a book late into the night and you force yourself to stop reading and go to sleep, but your brain wants to continue the story, and does so in your dreams? That happened with this book. And even though I had to create a cheat sheet with the characters and their wolves and couldn't ...
coffee & ink
coffee & ink rated it 11 years ago
Weirdly, or not, I was way more interested in the peculiar nonhuman cultures than all the gay sex, which I found kind of dull. Also, not sure I bought the various quick cultural transitions Isoldr went through, from promising young man to belle of the ball to recognizing the concept of genocide.
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