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A Hint of Frost - Community Reviews back

by Hailey Edwards
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Familiar Diversions
Familiar Diversions rated it 7 years ago
I won A Kiss of Venom in a BookLikes giveaway and decided to push it to the top of my TBR. However, it's Book 3.5 in Edwards' Araneae Nation series, and I wasn't sure how confused I'd be if I read the series out of order. Since I already owned A Hint of Frost, Book 1 in the series, I figured it coul...
Tami rated it 8 years ago
It has a nice story flow, but I have some problems with it. Some of the plot construction seems clumsy and predictable to me (e.g. the sister/treason stuff/Rhys' big secret/the relationship development between Rhys and her etc.). I didn't like the "virgin till real marriage" line - that is a very ...
The Nrrdling (Aryn)
The Nrrdling (Aryn) rated it 8 years ago
I'm sorry, I couldn't help it with the title of the review. Damn it, why is this so hard. I sat in front of the computer to write this yesterday too. See how well that turned out? Yup, nope, still no review. Basically: I enjoyed it. I almost quit before it got started with some of the talk t...
Amanda's Blog
Amanda's Blog rated it 8 years ago
4.5 starsI love this fantasy romance and the awesome world building. The last time I read the same genre that make me love it as much was Master of Crows by Grace Draven. I did find the name of the clans and some make-up noun intimidating and I have a hard time pronouncing (not that I read out loud)...
Angela @ Touch the Night
Angela @ Touch the Night rated it 8 years ago
**Note: I really enjoyed this book when I read it last year. I saw that Hailey Edwards is having a giveaway here on Booklikes, and wanted to share that link. Check it out - it's a great start to a fantasy romance series. http://booklikes.com/giveaways/show/113/a-hint-of-frost-araneae-nation-hailey-...
So Many Books...So Little Time!
So Many Books...So Little Time! rated it 8 years ago
I gave up. The main character made absolutely no sense to me, she was supposed to an aggressive warrior and yet she was so wishy-washy with her brand new husband. The spider thing had me ick-ed out and I couldn't really figure out what these people were. Ugh. No thanks.
vnorthw rated it 9 years ago
I picked this book up for free on my Nook and was pleasantly surprised with how much I liked it - I read it all in one sitting. I thought the world building was really interesting. The Araneae Nation is a clan based society where each clan is based on a scientific family of spider. The Mimetiade cl...
The Paper Gardens
The Paper Gardens rated it 9 years ago
I didn't really understand this book.I mean, I got that it's part romance, part fantasy, part murder mystery...but what the hell were the characters? At first I thought they were just some sort of magic race, but then there was mention of fangs, and poison and silk spinning from their fingertips...a...
Jess Haines
Jess Haines rated it 9 years ago
I'm torn about this book. To be perfectly honest, if someone whose opinion I trust had not told me that it got better, I would have given up within the first few chapters, maybe sooner.Before you read my issues with it, I do want you to know that it was a compelling story, and most of the characters...
ibrium rated it 9 years ago
Sometimes I wonder if I read the same book as those who left glowing reviews or high-star ratings. This is one of those instances. For me, this one was a lot of plodding with little payoff. No tension to speak of, which is very much a result of the author telling, not showing. A shame, because the p...
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