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Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye - Community Reviews back

by Victoria Laurie
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My Blog
My Blog rated it 6 years ago
The book is nice. Story is fun. (audiobook: the Narrator is really bad. everyone sounds the same. Dutch sounds like a 40 year old woman. It really sucked the fun out of the book)
Wyvernfriend Reads
Wyvernfriend Reads rated it 8 years ago
Abby Cooper is a PI - a Psychic Intuitive, but when a client ends up dead she has to investigate. Detective Dutch Rivers is convinced that she's a fraud and shes a suspect in this case. She knows a lot of the details about the case but this is just because she is a psychic. I enjoyed the read and...
Always Doing
Always Doing rated it 8 years ago
I picked this book hoping for a quirky cozy mystery but ended up in romantic suspense hell.Abby Cooper is a psychic intuitive that can call on her spirit guides for advice and wisdom. She uses her ability to run a successful business advising people on everything from cheating lovers to financial m...
Barbara's Booky Blog
Barbara's Booky Blog rated it 8 years ago
Abby Cooper is a psychic intuitive (well basically a high-end fortune teller). However her intuition is fueled by her spirit guides who send her visions that she must interpret. Usually with something like - I'm feeling something blue is very important to you. Which lets the customer interpret rat...
we were young and naive still
we were young and naive still rated it 8 years ago
This whole book was kinda... eh.
Nichole ~ Bookaholic
Nichole ~ Bookaholic rated it 9 years ago
I liked this one, the narration was good and she hit the mid-west accent pretty good...but if I continue with the series I don't know that I will do the audio's....I actually started this one in December but put it aside a couple of times for other audio books because it seemed just kinda "meh". Th...
Rachel's books
Rachel's books rated it 9 years ago
Wow, this was really good. Different to put down once I started, this book has just about everything. I like the hint of romance in future books. Look forward to more!
Debbie's Spurts
Debbie's Spurts rated it 9 years ago
This reader's personal opinion, ©2012, all rights reserved.* A fun, quick read with engaging characters. Psychic powers included lie detection and clairvoyance and mostly hung together once concept accepted. Detoured awkwardly a few moments into too much detail on what eaten and assorted decor...
Shelly's Book Journal
Shelly's Book Journal rated it 10 years ago
Abby Cooper is a psychic. In this book, one of her clients is found dead, and as the police question her, she is able to shed light on the crime and become further involved with police investigation and the head police officer.I liked the main character, but at times she did illogical things. Whic...
Words & Sinew
Words & Sinew rated it 11 years ago
Being the first cozy mystery novel I ever read, this is wasn't too bad. The focus of the novel isn't so much on the plot as it is the characters. I absolutely loved Abby and her voice. It was so funny and engaging, plus, she had the best comebacks I had ever read. I'm not a real big of fan of Victor...
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