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drallapaul rated it 3 years ago
The premise behind this comic collection is that, in the future, Earth strikes a deal with an alien corporation to exchange water for technology via the title – the Port of Earth. Aliens are not supposed to leave the port but things do not turn out as planned as corporations allow a lot of leeway. ...
Grimlock ♥ Ultra Magnus
Grimlock ♥ Ultra Magnus rated it 3 years ago
My real question is what happens when we run out of water since they're using that for fuel. Anyway, loved this, but it just didn't move me as much as some of the other offerings. So four star.
Grimlock ♥ Ultra Magnus
Grimlock ♥ Ultra Magnus rated it 5 years ago
It was a rushed composite of backstories, without any one character really taking the spotlight long enough for me to know or care about them. I also wasn't crazy about the art. Basically, it was all around mediocre.
Blondie and Read
Blondie and Read rated it 6 years ago
It was okie.There was a lot of jumping that wouldn't make sense if you hadn't already read the original Stieg Larsson book.There were times when I didn't even follow.... wait.. what happened..?Don't read this book to replace the original. You'll just be confused, which is such a shame since book one...
Blondie and Read
Blondie and Read rated it 6 years ago
Lizbeth!Lizbeth!Lizbeth!Awesome to see this story as a graphic novel. The illustration is beautiful and the interpretation is very well done with minor tweaks to keep it moving.
It's a Mad Mad World
It's a Mad Mad World rated it 6 years ago
I was curious about this graphic novel since I loved the book trilogy. This is third and last graphic novel, but I have read the book so I didn't have any problem reading The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest. What I did have problem with was the art, it was really terrible. It's like who cares a...
If These Books Could Talk
If These Books Could Talk rated it 7 years ago
Eurgh. Complete mess. Looks like it was written in the 40's, and reads like it to. Retrograde step by Diamond here. And so far removed from "Noir" it's unreal.
Merry Meerkat Marginalia
Merry Meerkat Marginalia rated it 7 years ago
3.5 Stars, Borrow it Netgalley Review I don’t know much if anything about most of the characters. I think I’ve read something with The Shadow in it but I can’t remember what it was. In issue one we are introduced to the Shadow, The Black Sparrow and at the end, Miss Fury. So far nothing reall...
FatherCraneMadeMeDoIt rated it 7 years ago
Absolutely stunning artwork. I've have read the novel and seen the Swedish and American films, and this graphic novel adds an amazing new depth to the work. Some of the storylines were tweaked slightly and some of the dialogue was confusing to pick up on, but overall this was amazing. I was a little...
Agostino Scafidi
Agostino Scafidi rated it 8 years ago
So, like all the other Larsson / Millennium exports to date I devoured this latest installment (at the time of writing this review) like it was a piece of cake (or any other delicious eatable you can conjure up for yourself). Granted, these graphic novels are not perfect, but I still enjoyed Vol. 2 ...
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