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Animal Farm - Community Reviews back

by George Orwell
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nicky2910's book reviews
nicky2910's book reviews rated it 3 years ago
This might be one of the most popular stories, mostly read in school. And yes, I read it at school as well, but back then I couldn't appreciate this parable to its fullest. But given the developments in the last 25 years, nations risen and fallen, political systems overthrown in the hope for somethi...
Beyond Strange New Words
Beyond Strange New Words rated it 3 years ago
As I understand it, the entire story of Animal Farm is one giant cynical metaphor for a failed communist utopia (because a communist utopia is a fail all of itself). It includes all the most representative tropes from mindless masses (animals) and propaganda (Squealer) to class enemies (upper class/...
theguywhoreads rated it 3 years ago
When I first heard of Animal Farm, my curiosity peaks to a point if I should read it. This was in fact in the 1990s when I heard about it. Of course, I didn't read it at all and never even go further and didn't even know there was a TV live-action movie that was released in 1999 or even the 1954 ani...
Reader & Dreamer
Reader & Dreamer rated it 4 years ago
Well worth the read, it's a very powerful story that everyone must read at some point in their lives.& We're doomed, comrades. well, the story in short was that some animals on a farm rebel, throw out the farmer and decide to run the place themselves, influenced by the old major's speech about anima...
Domhnall rated it 4 years ago
Worth re-reading at a time when its messages could not be much more topical. From Appendix 1: Orwell's proposed preface to the first edition (not printed then)"Tolerance and decency are deeply rooted in England, but they are not indestructible and they have to be kept alive partly by conscious effo...
Fiction Fantastic
Fiction Fantastic rated it 4 years ago
I'm usually the girl who doesn't like the classics, but in this case, I really liked this book. Well, I say I liked it, but what I really mean is that it was easy reading with a compelling story. It's just so depressing actually. Yes, it's a satire on communism in Russia, but it's so bloody spot on ...
Purple People Readers
Purple People Readers rated it 5 years ago
For all the controversy surrounding this novel, I was surprised by how short it actually is. However, for all its lack of length, it sure does pack an important message. The allegory was a bit didactic for me — I felt like I was being beat over the head with the message, but I haven’t read an alle...
Pippin & The Book Next Door
Pippin & The Book Next Door rated it 6 years ago
What I Liked The Historical Significance and How Well It's Done Anyone can write a story arising from bitterness towards the current political state, but George Orwell is really good at simplifying it and making the absolute mess that was Stalin's rise to power look just as ridiculous and inconcei...
Sheila's Reads
Sheila's Reads rated it 6 years ago
I cannot believe I did not read this in high school. What a marvelous book! I'd love to be writing essays on this now, especially with life experience behind me. This may have been written in 1946 but it resonates today. I could see so many parallels to what is happening today. Change the people in ...
Folding Paper & Spilling Ink
Folding Paper & Spilling Ink rated it 6 years ago
Super short review: It's weird reading classics like this one as an adult when many people read them in High School or younger. I'm glad I read it. I get what Orwell was doing. I appreciated the social commentary/satire presented in a fairy tale format. And it's interesting, now that I've read thi...
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