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Bleeding Hearts - Ash Krafton
Bleeding Hearts
by Ash Krafton (author)
publisher: Pink Narcissus Press publish date: March 15th 2012
format: paperback pages: 370
language: English
ISBN: 0982991363 (9780982991367)
ASIN: 982991363
Blood Rush - Ash Krafton
Blood Rush
by Ash Krafton (author)
publisher: Pink Narcissus Press publish date: May 14th 2013
format: paperback pages: 353
language: English
ISBN: 1939056012 (9781939056016)
Words That Bind - Ash Krafton
Words That Bind
by Ash Krafton (author)
publisher: The Wild Rose Press
format: paperback pages: 314
language: English
ISBN: 9781628305609
Stranger at the Hell Gate - Ash Krafton
Stranger at the Hell Gate
by Ash Krafton (author)
publisher: The Wild Rose Press, Black Rose publish date: March 25th 2013
format: kindle pages: 72
language: English
The Heartbeat Thief - A.J. Krafton, Ash Krafton
The Heartbeat Thief
by Ash Krafton (author), A.J. Krafton (author)
publisher: Amazon Digital Services
format: Kindle Edition
language: English
Poems from the Dark Side - George Wilhite, Ron W. Koppelberger Jr., Angela Felsted, Thadd Presley, Noel Sloboda, W.J. Rosser, Trish Wentling, Jack Horne, Terence Kuch, Peter LaBerge, Scott T. Swartz, Nathan J.D.L. Rowark, Wesley D. Gray, James Dye, Ash Krafton, Ayla Drake, Gayle Arrowood, Adam Fran
Poems from the Dark Side
by Robert William Shmigelsky (author), Jason D. Brawn (author), Livia Finucci (author), Angela Felsted (author), Wesley D. Gray (author), M. Leon Smith (author), Ron W. Koppelberger Jr. (author), W.J. Rosser (author), Trish Wentling (author), Peter LaBerge (author), Scott T. Swartz (author), Nathan J.D.L. Rowark (author), James Dye (author), Ayla Drake (author), Nicky Peacock (author), William Andre Sanders (author), Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz (author), Albert Melear (author), Hillary Lyon (author), Sharla Anderson (author), Vicy Cross (author), Rebecca Chalfin (author), J.R. McRae (author), Valerie Stevens (author), Noel Sloboda (author), Michael C. Thompson (author), Terence Kuch (author), Adam Francis Smith (author), George Wilhite (author), Jack Horne (author), Ken L. Jones (author), Pat Lewis-Bussard (author), Gayle Arrowood (author), Ash Krafton (author), Jessica Bell (author), Quinn Hernandez (author), John X. Grey (author), Dave Fragments (author), Thadd Presley (author)
publisher: Static Movement publish date: June 13th 2011
format: paperback pages: 218
language: English
ISBN: 1617061298 (9781617061295)
Blind Alleys: A Collection of Dead Ends - Ash Krafton
Blind Alleys: A Collection of Dead Ends
by Ash Krafton (author)
publisher: Amazon publish date: December 5th 2012
format: ebook pages: 51
language: English
Deliverance - Ash Krafton
by Ash Krafton (author)
publisher: KDP publish date: April 2013
format: kindle pages: 41
language: English
M is for Monster - John Prescott, Adria Chamberlin, Ash Krafton, Simon Unsworth, Geoff Nelder, Kate Jonez, Zach Black, Ian Woodhead, Serenity Banks, David Youngquist, J.C. Andrijeski
M is for Monster
by John Prescott (author), J.C. Andrijeski (author), David Youngquist (author), Ian Woodhead (author), Adria Chamberlin (author), Ash Krafton (author), Simon Unsworth (author), Kate Jonez (author), Zach Black (author), Serenity Banks (author), Geoff Nelder (author)
format: kindle
language: English
Bearing North - Ash Krafton, Anthony Shields, Wesley D. Gray
Bearing North
by Anthony Shields (author), Ash Krafton (author), Wesley D. Gray (author)
publisher: CreateSpace publish date: November 16th 2010
format: paperback pages: 492
ISBN: 1456365002 (9781456365004)
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