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Beauty Dates the Beast - Community Reviews back

by Jessica Sims, Leah Mallach
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Romance Book Reviews For You
Romance Book Reviews For You rated it 6 years ago
This is book one in the "Midnight Liaisons " series. This was somewhat violent toward the end, so I just wanted to let you know in case that was a issue for you. It wasn't for very long but just making note of it. Bathsheba is somewhat on the run with her sister but they have been working at a para...
Book Blog of a Hufflepuff
Book Blog of a Hufflepuff rated it 7 years ago
Once I started this book, I COULD NOT STOP! Don't believe me? It's 3:46AM. I haven't moved since I started reading this yesterday.What can I say, other than I LOVED THIS BOOK TO PIECES?!I adored Bathsheba and Beau, as individuals and a couple. Bath is a strong character, who puts family first and ev...
Spare Ammo
Spare Ammo rated it 7 years ago
I thought this book would be a fun, funny PNR. It wasn't. I stopped just past halfway and I'm not going back. It started out okay and quickly descended into a hot mess. Meet our heroine, Bathsheba or Bath for short. And right there it all started to go downhill. Bath? Really? I expected the hero t...
grapeapril75 rated it 7 years ago
This is the first book in the Midnight Liaisons series. Shifter/supernatural dating agency, I am totally sold! It has a terrific concept and flows very well. This fits in very well with all my other lovely shifter crack!!So, the book is all coming from Bathsheba's POV, she is mostly sassy and funny,...
The Book Blog at the End of the Universe
Bathsheba is a human living in a supernatural world. A supernatural world that consists of them leading the entire world in a group called The Alliance. Most in The Alliance are sub-grouped into clans, which is where Beau, the handsome were-cougar comes into her world. Working for a supernatural mat...
marvelloussbooks rated it 7 years ago
3-psychotic-alpha-cougar-moronic-human-female-with-crap-cliff-fucking-hanger-stars.I hope with description above, you will know that's my overall reaction after I finished with the book. I'm so pissed off right now because I thought I could ditch this series altogether forever after the crappy, tort...
starsaga rated it 8 years ago
DNF at 50%This book could have been so much better, I loved the idea of it although it is a PNR. It should have been written with full-on humour or as more erotica than romance, but as it was, it missed the mark. I borrowed it from the dead-tree library and have put it down to start another book, so...
The Demon Librarian
The Demon Librarian rated it 9 years ago
Find more reviews at The Demon Librarian.Midnight LiaisonsI've been on a total audiobook binge lately, and thankfully, this was another really good one. I really liked the narrator and, other than a couple of quibbles, I liked the story, too.I'd had my eye on it for a while, ever since I'd seen a fa...
Julie - Read Our Lips!
Julie - Read Our Lips! rated it 9 years ago
After reading The Succubus Diaries by Jill Myles (J.M.), I was an instant fan and when I heard J.M. was now writing under the new penname, Jessica Sims, I knew I had to check it out!In Beauty Dates The Beast, Bathsheba is a human who works at Midnight Liaisons, a dating service for the supernatural....
Words and Mayhem
Words and Mayhem rated it 9 years ago
I found this book entertaining! It was fresh and exactly what I needed! :)
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