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Big Girl Panties Low Price CD - Community Reviews back

by Stephanie Evanovich, Katie Schorr
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sherrysniderfundin rated it 5 years ago
Big Girl Panties by Stepahnie Evanovich is a light read about a difficult subject. If you are looking for a fun romance for summer reading, add this to your list. Amazon / Goodreads MY ONE SENTENCE REVIEW An overweight widow and a hot, sexy personal trainer find they have much in common when they...
individually wrapped slices
individually wrapped slices rated it 8 years ago
This was not horrible. Or realistic. It's well worth $1.99 I paid for it but don't you dare spend more than $4.99! Holly is a widow. She seems to have led a fairly unremarkable life until she meets celebrity sports trainer Logan on an airplane. Logan accidentally flew coach and had to sit next to,...
grapeapril75 rated it 8 years ago
I really wanted to love this book because I dig the author, sadly it fell very short. I like a sweet sappy romance as much as the next gal, but this one just made me feel like she changed for all the wrong reasons. I might be a bigger girl but I am totally cool with it and very accepting. While some...
msleighm books
msleighm books rated it 8 years ago
I'm so sorry to take this long to write a review!!!! I read this book during a time when I wasn't feeling up to writing reviews and put it in a pile with the others as I read them so that I could go back to review them. But when I started feeling a little better it was all I could do to keep up with...
52 Book Minimum
52 Book Minimum rated it 8 years ago
2.5 Stars Holly has never been “model thin”, but after losing her husband four years ago, she really started packing on the pounds. Go figure that the one time she has to venture out of her comfort zone (to fly to Canada and finalize one of her late husband’s accounts) she winds up seated next to L...
Lisa (Fic Talk)
Lisa (Fic Talk) rated it 8 years ago
This reminded me of a fanfic I once read. I swear to God that I thought the author was a Twi-FF writer, but no, it's Janet Evanovich's niece, a legit author. Edit:I should mention that at the time while I was in Twi fandom years ago, there was a FF writer who wrote a story that was everything like ...
Samantha Reads
Samantha Reads rated it 8 years ago
Review to come...but I was not impressed.
claudiaf rated it 8 years ago
The story was interesting and real. I loved the main character, Holly, she was funny even after what she went through...love it!
Books with Beers
Books with Beers rated it 8 years ago
Full review at Red Hot Books http://redhotbooks.com/2013/07/review-big-girl-panties/#comment-7271Honestly, I’m not quite sure how I feel about this book. Anyone who has ever struggled with their weight will immediately identify with Holly and her pain. On the other hand, Logan’s behavior really cut ...
Jessica (HDB)
Jessica (HDB) rated it 8 years ago
Okay, before this review even begins, please let me warn you that I am completely on the fence about this book. Big Girl Panties was a read that I powered through, and both loved and seethed at in equal measures. I'm certain that alone makes it worth your time. Still, if I ramble, you've been warned...
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