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Bruiser - Community Reviews back

by Neal Shusterman
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YA Fantasy - K.A. Wiggins
YA Fantasy - K.A. Wiggins rated it 4 years ago
I inhaled this book. I recently finished Scythe and Thunderhead, and decided it was about time I caught up on Shusterman backlist titles, and it was definitely the right choice. Not sure how to review this without spoilers, though. There's a great SF/magic conceit at the heart of this story, and it'...
books 'n shit
books 'n shit rated it 8 years ago
So weird. So good, but so... not good, but so.... different.This book is extremely confusing for me. I wanted to like it so much. The concept is fantastic and the premise is cool. Even the writing is amazing in my opinion, but this book is just so weird.I don't know how to describe it. I got maybe 7...
wrigglynn rated it 9 years ago
[bc:Hopeless|15717943|Hopeless|Colleen Hoover|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1353489892s/15717943.jpg|21389085] has such a similar cover!
Megan @ The Book Babe's Reads
Megan @ The Book Babe's Reads rated it 9 years ago
Other reviews like this at The Book Babe Note: Due to copy an paste, formatting has been lost.Honestly, I'm not sure what to say about this book. I can tell you that I'm always surprised by the exact premise, by the exact turns that the story lines make, when they are being written, and read. I don...
simplyreading rated it 9 years ago
2.5 stars
An Excellent Library
An Excellent Library rated it 9 years ago
Neal Schusterman does not disappoint in this YA paranormal/supernatural novel about a teenager with a rather unfortunate ability (gift? curse?) of leeching pain out of those around him, and making it his own. He takes this interesting plot point and weaves it into a thought-provoking story about lo...
Karin's Book Nook
Karin's Book Nook rated it 10 years ago
Brewster “Bruiser” Rawlins is a loner. He was voted “Most Likely to Go to Jail” and isn’t someone people take the time to get to know. Tennyson, a well-liked, popular guy is just like everyone else and doesn’t really give Bruiser much thought – until his sister, Bronte, starts dating him. Bronte ...
kaye rated it 10 years ago
I'm hard-pressed to find something that Neal has written that I haven't loved. Another great, well-written book (with a creative use of POVs) that is a book I would recommend to others in a heartbeat.
No Bent Spines
No Bent Spines rated it 10 years ago
This was an amazing how love can be harmful but in the end, conquer all. It teaches you to do what you believe is right, stand up for what you believe in, and never give up on love. Ever.
Sesana rated it 10 years ago
An interesting take on psychic powers. Brewster, called Bruiser because... well, he just is, has the ability to transfer any pain, physical or emotional, from the person feeling it to himself. In full. This means that when his brother falls from the roof, it's Brew who breaks his leg. Naturally, thi...
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