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Chasing Smoke - Community Reviews back

by K.A. Mitchell
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Slitsread rated it 7 years ago
I enjoyed this book a lot After numerous attempts at starting a million books and ending them after page 5 this one kept my interest right until the end I wish that the I love you's were a little more heartfelt instead of the I love you too now fuck me but but hey whatever works
Andrea - Rulin Doolin
Andrea - Rulin Doolin rated it 8 years ago
I think I have to say that K. A. Mitchell did it again for me. Trey and Danny -he tries to say he prefers 'Daniel' but there is something about the way Trey says 'Danny' that is irresistable and even as the reader it's unmistakable- knew each other as teenagers. They fumbled around, including with e...
abgayle rated it 8 years ago
Loved this, as I have all of K.A.Mitchell's books. She writes great characters and great sex scenes, Makes me want to throw my laptop against the wall and give up as an author, then I say, nah. Look at what she has done and learn.Great characters, great conflict and great emotional arcs. Good one.
Christina rated it 8 years ago
2.5 stars rounding up because I really liked these guys.The good: Daniel and Trey. Both strong and likable characters. Daniel and Trey messed around as teenagers, ended up going their separate ways and then unexpectedly reunited 15 years later. They had a ton of chemistry together and I'm a suck...
Bugetta Reads Too Much
Bugetta Reads Too Much rated it 9 years ago
jules0623 rated it 9 years ago
Just didn't grab me like Mitchell's books usually do.
Trisha Harrington's Blog
Trisha Harrington's Blog rated it 9 years ago
Trying to rate this book was hard for me. The stroy itself was not bad and the characters were okay. For me that's the problem not bad and okay are not what I enjoy in a book. Both Danny and Trey were asses in my opinion. It was hard for me to fall in love with either of them, I could not decide whe...
Lenore rated it 9 years ago
This didn't rock me off my socks but I liked it just fine. So, it's official: K.A. Mitchell is a favourite author. She "scratches all my itches."
She Reads Too Much
She Reads Too Much rated it 9 years ago
Fan-freeking-tastic!! This is a very strong 4.5 stars for me, rated down half a star because sometimes I skimmed through the mystery part. I was way more interested in the relationship. Holy smokin' hot smex! Just...WOW!
Gosh I Wish I was a Good Writer
Gosh I Wish I was a Good Writer rated it 9 years ago
I think I owned this for a year before I tried to read it. I think this is what they call an angst filled story. It was rolling along nice and easy then POW it was over. Text book rushed ending. Too bad because it could have been wonderful.
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