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I'm glad this is working out better for you than it did for me!
Liz Loves Books.Com. 6 years ago
I adored this book with a fiery vengeance. Can't wait to see the movie :)
Is there a movie? I think it was the heavy science that tripped me up so I'd dig a movie version of this, just to compare.
6 years ago
Matt Damon stars as Mark Watney. Go Watney!!
Archer's Asylum 6 years ago
I so need to see this
Archer's Asylum 6 years ago
OMG Directed by Ridley Scott. I'm in nerdvana
Awesome. I'll have to check this out.
Archer's Asylum 6 years ago
I'm loving all the heavy science in it. I love the dark humour too and the silly humour.

*possible Spoiler alert*

"I wonder what he's thinking right now?"

Log: Sol 61

How come Aquaman can control Whales? They're mammals. Makes no sense!
I'm not a huge science buff so I think it got more interesting when it got less scienc-y.
Archer's Asylum 6 years ago
My college education was applied industrial sciences and forensic investigative techniques... The science really appeals to me lol. Especially considering so far it's all plausible.
6 years ago
That made me LOL, 6Bs!