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Yay! So glad to she's doing well, even if the whole vet thing kinda freaked her out. Dean didn't need surgery, but he did need to get shaved once, and he basically spurned all contact for a while after that. He'd run away when you came close.

Archer's Asylum 6 years ago
Yeah she runs under the bed when she see's us coming but when we get her out she just flops and is happy to be patted and loved.
Cats are resilient.

But she can run, without pain it seems! That's so amazing.
Archer's Asylum 6 years ago
Yeah she's a tough little trooper and she's lovely to boot...

She sounds so sweet.
Archer's Asylum 6 years ago
No cry. Is good thing. She is gonna be ok
Murder by Death 6 years ago
Oh YAY! Such good news! I'm gonna go home and hug my cats (which they will accept with their usual gracelessness). I'm so glad she's going to be o.k.!

Just don't let her chase any potoroos! ;-)
Archer's Asylum 6 years ago
Don't worry, she is strictly an indoor only cat. the others stare at them through windows though lol
Abandoned by user 6 years ago
So glad to hear this! Thank you for the update - I feel like Bella is a Booklikes kitty mascot!
Archer's Asylum 6 years ago
I am totally in favour of this being a thing.

All those in favour of Bella being the Booklikes Kitty Crusader say aye...
Murder by Death 6 years ago
Murder by Death 6 years ago
Speaking of Bella - Moonlight Reader, my husband just messaged me to tell me my books from Amazon arrived!!! Of course, I'm stuck at work for another 4 hours. I'll take pics and post when I get home. Woot!
Abandoned by user 6 years ago
Yay! That's awesome!
I'm so happy for Bella, and for you! She's so lucky to have you, and I am very glad she's had her surgery. Give her a hug for me!
Ah,this is great news! I'm very happy for you and Bella. May she lives long and fully :)
This is wonderful news (I saw the update on GoFundMe, too) -- congratulations, and I hope she'll be OK and totally pain free really soon!

And re: Bella officially being named Booklikes Kitty Crusader ... big aye to that!
Spare Ammo 6 years ago
Congrats on Bella's successful surgery. Far too soon she will be doing all those things the vet said she shouldn't be doing yet.
Archer's Asylum 6 years ago
Yeah... Like the day after her surgery
A cat ran in front of my car in college, and the school van - we had one to get into town because we were in the middle of nowhere - was going the other way, hit it, and thought it heard a thump. I ended up spending thirty minutes looking for the cat, it belonged to the landlords of people who went to my college, and my college buddies said I scared the cat, but not enough because the cat was running across the street a couple of days later.

Cats are seriously resilient.

PS - I slammed on my brakes, and was in tears, and I insisted I was a shitty person for a long time after that. But the kitty was an outdoor kitty and it seemed it had a habit of darting in front of cars. I also can't remember if it was a male or female kitty thus the 'it.'

TeaStitchRead 6 years ago
Yay Bella!
Such good news! Way to go, Bella!