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Indie Angie 8 years ago
Dawid made several comments on Rick's blog before visiting STGRB. I hope someone has explained to him who RC is and how the guy will spend every waking moment harassing BL support before posting their responses on his blog. The guys is a disease without a cure. Kinda like the indie author version of herpes. ***Love your new handle, btw. :)
Archer's Asylum 8 years ago
Yeah but if you have half a brain you read his shit and see that he's just and angry bigoted old man
Indie Angie 8 years ago
I suspect Dawid didn't read Rick's blog or STGRB. He simply found the sites (Rick's already been sending BL support messages about evil trolls who stalk and terrorize innocent old farts like him) and played nice. Please, let this be what happened. I really love BL already. Everyone's blogs are so creative and I've finally figured out how to do stuff! :)
Linda Hilton 8 years ago
Hi! Hi! Hi!