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I love watching vlogs so consider me a watcher (... I think that sentence sounds rather weird... oh well) :)
Archer's Asylum 8 years ago
Oh I'd still do both, it's just sometimes I can't get my rant on in text format or I lack the specific textual skills to properly convey whats in my brain through my fingers... speaking it might be easier.
I'm pretty sure you can post vlogs here too. :) Go for it, man.
Witty Little Knitter 8 years ago
I admit I hardly watch any vlogs (mainly because SO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM? WHERE SHOULD I START???) but I'd like to watch some ;)
Marianna 8 years ago
Depends on how good of a ranter you are. ;)

It's not a bad idea if you have the proper equipment. Go for it!