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Liz Loves Books.Com. 8 years ago
Hope you are feeling in full health in very short order :)
So glad to hear that it's passed I hope you feel well, and as much as people are looking forward to your vlog, I'm sure they'd much rather see you feel better!

So, feel better, and we'll all see your blog when you do. Thanks for letting us know, though. I was getting worried about you, but also didn't want to bother you when you were feeling ill. I feel much better knowing the migraine has passed.
Don't any of the migraine meds work for you? I don't know if I could make it through one without them.
Archer's Asylum 8 years ago
The migraine meds take the edge off but no for the most part they do bugger all. I've gotten them ever since I was a kid and they run in the family. Both my parents and grandparents get them too. As far as we can figure if we eat anything very high in Tannins it'll trigger one, or if the barometric pressure builds to be a glorious fine sunny day, if it's sustained for too long it puts me on my back for a couple days like at this weekend just gone. The only thing that can relieve that is when the pressure drops and the heavens open.

Worst one I ever had lasted a week and a half. Docs said there was nothing they could do I just had to stay in a cool dark room and let it run its course. as soon as the storm broke and that first clap of thunder was heard overhead the pressure dropped like a stone and in a few hours I was pretty much functional... Hungry, but functional lol
That sounds awful. I get migraines, too, but not as bad as others do. My sister's had to be sedated because she couldn't sleep, and hers wouldn't go away, and she's been paralyzed on one side of her body, so I always feel lucky when I hear of them this bad and think... it could be worse for me.

Anyway, I'm so sorry they're that painful and debilitating for you. It's always frustrating when modern medicine can't do much for you, too.
Archer's Asylum 8 years ago
I've learned to live around them. Thankfully they're few and far between, at least the ones that bad are.
Same with my sister. I get them more often, but not as bad as she does. I'm glad to hear it's the same with you - at least they don't occur that often.
Archer's Asylum 8 years ago
I used to use migraleve in the UK. But I have been unable to find it in Australia, or anything nearly as good.
Archer's Asylum 8 years ago
I shall try to find them. I have a friend who is a pharmacist... I should bug her with questions more often lol
Pandamonium 8 years ago
Glad to hear that you're feeling better :)