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That sucks. I hope you feel better in general very soon!
Archer's Asylum 8 years ago
I'll be fine when this stupid heatwave breaks and we're back to the 20's. It's just annoying. I was getting back into reading, getting pure enjoyment from it then blam... headaches and nah reading is not enjoyable with them. Bugs the crap outta me. I know I'm not dehydrated, and I know I'm sensitive to high pressure for prolonged periods. So yeah... hopefully soon I'll be able to keep reading. I'm re-reading the Harry Potter series and this kick ass anthology called Dangerous Women and I wanna get back to them.
nospin 8 years ago
Wishing for cooler weather for you.
Those temps are deadly

Feel better
BUGGY 8 years ago
Move to Canada! I would gladly trade climates with you :)
I hope you feel better. Are the headaches blood pressure related? I tend to have higher blood pressure when it's hot and get headaches, too.