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Khanh the Killjoy 7 years ago
Sorry for what you went through as a kid. I was actually picked on because I was tiny and scrawny. I was mistaken for a 3rd grader when I was in 7th. That was fun. I think a lot of people throw around the word BULLY like it means nothing, I'm sick of it, too.
Archer's Asylum 7 years ago
The thing is though, the origin of the word is actually a form of congratulations. It's only since the 1930's its taken on the negative connotation we have now
Khanh the Killjoy 7 years ago
Lol, yep. That's bully! I read way too many period novels :P
Archer's Asylum 7 years ago
It wasn't just a few days. It started in October 2011 and then reached a head with that site. It was a long time.
Dor Does Books 7 years ago

When I was at school, the golden phrase was "Can't you just keep away from them?"

When I was at university I was convinced it was my own fault and that if I just did my best to be nice to that person, they'd stop taking every opportunity they could to have a dig at me. They didn't.

We get trained not to make a fuss, to just put up with things. I hate how they've devalued a serious issue. Finger pointing and barely credible accusations don't help people who are actually being bullied, it just makes it more difficult for them to stand up and call out *real* bullying.

Archer's Asylum 7 years ago
AnnaLund2011 7 years ago
I've been thinking of you off and on all day. There just doesn't seem to be any Fair left in the world, somedays.
But then, when I was out riding, I thought about the kid you saved from the bigger bullies that one time. And I thought, boy, there is a man walking around out there knowing that somebody DID THAT FOR HIM that one time. That is the kind of thing that can actually change your life.
So, in all the rambling and ranting you are doing today, sit back and give yourself a high-five for standing up for your friend.
And also for playing Queen when you need it.
Archer's Asylum 7 years ago
Queen are always needed, and yeah sometimes I do think that. I did a genuine good thing that day. I've done it since, but being 7ft tall makes it a lot easier than being just shy of 6 (I was eleven though so I was still crazy tall).
Word, and much respect for you, Archer. And each time I hear people saying a book review constitutes as bullying nowadays it gets me riled up so much, especially with consideration to what you and others have gone through.

And for standing up to speak on your sentiments and reflections on things, it makes you a far greater person and more brave than any of the people who have the audacity to hurl the term "bully" at you, especially with their blatant misconstruing and ignorance of the term.
Archer's Asylum 7 years ago
It wasn't about being brave for me really, but thank you. It was more about calling a spade a spade, and just getting a lot of shit off my chest. I feel better for it tbh.
Archer's Asylum 7 years ago
No the comment happened. I admit that I did post a picture comment on the thread to the effect of flick off. I later found out the person I told to fuck off was a minor and I did apologise. I don't deny that. But the way it was all blown out of proportion is what makes my head hurt
Archer's Asylum 7 years ago
I'm working on it. I really am. But first I need to get my desire to read back. That's been the knock on effect for me. It's not just soured reviewing it's soured reading. Where I once would read three or four novels at a time to do about 5 or 6 a week... Now I'm reading one in about 3 months. I just have no desire to read anymore. My passion for it has gone the way of the dodo
Archer's Asylum 7 years ago
I get that. I was headhunted to go to Brooke's college of Oxford for an organic chemistry major, molecular biology minor course. I just turned it down because of family issues