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nospin 7 years ago
Hope tomorrow is better.
a TeMPLe of WoRDS 7 years ago
Oh no. That is awful. Please don't kill anyone. Unless they'll allow you access to books and BL while you're in prison - then you can do whatever you feel is necessary :p

I hope that tomorrow is better (and today doesn't kill you) *hugs*
Kaia 7 years ago
Kill something virtual. It helps, trust me.
Archer's Asylum 7 years ago
After this day... They aren't enough
I had one of those days yesterday too. I spent the majority of my work hours imagining pushing my boss out the window. That really helped.
Literary Ames 7 years ago
For some reason I was picturing Final Destination in my head as I read your post...

My whole January felt like the universe was trying to break me. Fingers crossed for better days ahead.