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And when do the authors sign an agreement to wait 2 hours before commenting?
Archer's Asylum 7 years ago
No idea
Martini 7 years ago
As soon as they will be leaving helpful comments on reviews. With their real names.
Number one: why I considered legally changing my name. I can't even, either, though. I skimmed and was not impressed.
Archer's Asylum 7 years ago
It's asinine bullshit designed to remove the need for authors to get over a thin skin.
I was like 'fuck that, fuck that, fuck that...'

Reviews aren't mean to make writers love or hate me. I'm thrilled when they love me for it, but if they aren't? That's not why I write them; I write them with author out of mind.
Archer's Asylum 7 years ago
Don't be saying that now, they'll think you're a bully for saying shit like that
Riiight. Because anyone who wouldn't think that if I didn't say it now wouldn't think it when they saw me rip into some dinoporn...
Lornographic Material 7 years ago
'fuck that, fuck that, fuck that...' I second that emotion.
When I read an article, and I start doing that at every main point they're making, it's not worth my time reading the whole thing carefully.
Princess Eva Rose 7 years ago
The sense of entitlement this lady has is outrageous. To think she has the gall to tell people how to think and write about a product where many times they have to spend their hard earned money to read in the first place.
Archer's Asylum 7 years ago
Exactly. I don't owe anyone a goddamned thing when I review anything. Let alone a book that not only involves a monetary investment but an investment of my free time.
Archer's Asylum 7 years ago
Lately? I don't think she has ever
Archer's Asylum 7 years ago
Yup. She obviously lives amongst the "ignorance is bliss" community
Well, she's not yet published. She's in for a rude awakening.
Patronizing, much?
Oh for pity's sake! How many times does it need to be said? IF YOU TAKE MY MONEY, YOU GET MY OPINION. And it's tough shit if you don't like it.

Oh... Should I have waited two hours before posting?
Archer's Asylum 7 years ago
Fuck waiting 2 hours.
Archer's Asylum 7 years ago
Fuck waiting 2 hours.
*facepalm*, *headdesk*, *everythingdesk*

Yeah, I've got nothing as far as my reaction to this is concerned. =______=
Wow, the audacity of some authors just never fails to amaze me. The second half of that title is just as bad: "....Make Writers Hate You Less"

Why would I care to make writers hate me less?

First, I honestly don't care if they love me or hate me. AT ALL.

Second, when I read books it's not about them and never will be.

Third, if they already hate me a little before I write my review, they are the ones with a problem. Not me.

Fourth, "reviewing rules" are worthless if they are only about the author and not the reader.

And is the assumption that authors hate you, and /all you can do is hope that they'll hate you less/?
That is how I read it. Having writers "hate you less" is the reward of following her five rules, but apparently they will still hate you.
Archer's Asylum 7 years ago
I know a few authors. And they're quite pleasant. In fact, most of them are just awesomely chill people to be around. And, they don't sweat the little shit. They get that if I don't get along with their book, it doesn't reflect on feelings or thoughts toward them. If I write a negative review of a book that I dislike by a person I know, only once have they reacted along the lines that it meant Ididn't like them and that I was out to hurt their career. And if she see's this, Suz, why the fuck would I want to hurt your career? We were friends for fucks sake.
They're just /hiding all that hate/. Apparently. According to this author.

I'm laughing my ass off. Clearly she didn't mean that, but by Primus, that was poorly phrased!
Archer's Asylum 7 years ago
Yeah. The sooner I come to accept the fact that all authors, in the world, ever, in the history of the written word, hate me because I occasionally review books... the better I'll sleep at night... Supposedly...

Nah, I'm not buying it.
Clearly you're just deluded! I mean, all writers write just because they're hateful, hateful people - according to Tara Spalding.

And she knows how to express things ever so well.

And no, this isn't gonna get less funny to me anytime soon, so if you want me to stop, being blunt about it would be best.
Archer's Asylum 7 years ago
Oh, undoubtedly it's funny as fuck.
Y'know what, I woke up, and I am pissed off at the shit people are flinging in my direction. Reblogged with a long, long rant.
Archer's Asylum 7 years ago
I could segue into Bohemian Rhapsody but this issue does not deserve such awesome music
Bitchie's Books 7 years ago
Why should I give a fuck what authors think of me? Why would I want an author to like me? Why is it my job to help an author in any way other than giving them my money to buy their book? It's not my job to coach them, to teach them how to be a better writer. It's their job to write, it's my job to either read or not to read, that's it. If they can't even be bothered to do their own job properly (write well), why do I owe them anything at all?
Mirkat Always Reading 7 years ago
I am so tired of people taking it upon themselves to issue "rules" for everyone else to follow. 0_o
Ever notice how often it's rules for some other people to follow, and not themselves?
Mirkat Always Reading 7 years ago
SusannaG: Exactly! It's the old "do as I say, not as I do!" More rules for the riff-raff to follow.
deannahello 7 years ago
I always write my reviews immediately after I finish up the book. I like to write my thoughts while is fresh in my mind. As far as this list is concerned it's ridiculous. I paid my money for the book I'm not under obligation to sugar coat my thoughts.
Mirkat Always Reading 7 years ago
deannahello: That's what I do, too. If I wait too long, I forget what I wanted to say. Also--I've posted under aliases for years and years, and it has nothing to do with posting things I'd be ashamed to have attached to my own name, and everything to do with privacy issues.
Great, now I have an earworm.

Upside: it's a Queen earworm.
I would not only read that, I'd love that.
So now she's telling everyone hatred is a strong emotion for a book, so irritation is good instead? What in Primus' name is she thinking. I want all copies ever of Retribution to die in a fire. Preferably one huge bonfire because I get so, wait, is mad okay? Okay, fine, I get so irritated at that book that I think watching a Retribution-fueled bonfire would be cathartic for me. I guess I'm just 'irritated' by the lazy writing and sloppy research though. No, there's no possibility that I'm angered by the time and money spent on that bullshit.


Thanks for clearing that up, stranger on the internet! I'm so glad you can tell me how I'm allowed to feel about books, and to name my feels for me. I mean, how would I know what I was thinking otherwise? /sarcasm.
I posted, too, and it's being moderated. It calls her out for her logic fails, and hypocrisy, so watch it not go through.
Have the Forge of Solus Prime! It's great for smiting.

I read that and snickered.