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Hey Ashers! 6 years ago
Well, that's disappointing to hear. I'll probably still have to read it, though, for the boys falling in love with boys, and the girls falling in love with swords--unless you can think of something similar-ish that you'd recommend instead?
Her Fine Eyes 6 years ago
It's totally in my interest to have you read it so that we can hash out our thoughts together! :) Plus, you may disagree with my assessment. I was really persnickety on this one, but only because I think Holly Black could write truly great books if she dug deeper.
Hey Ashers! 6 years ago
I'll bump it up on my to-read list, then! Mid-February sounds like an excellent time for it.

It's always aggravating to see an author who repeatedly fails to take those last (seemingly) obvious steps toward really great storytelling; that said, your most persnickety reviews are my favorite. =)