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Rade (guest) 7 years ago
Amazing review! I really agree with you, especially what you said about the cover. Why can`t they just make a cover that do the story justice? I really enjoyed the book when I read it last month, but some of the things that you mentioned in the review, was exactly why I didn`t LOVE the book.
Her Fine Eyes 7 years ago
Thanks, Rade! This post was so darned long, I'm glad you made it through to the end. I really did enjoy this book immensely. Maybe that's why the review is so long...I had a lot of big thoughts about it.
Hey Ashers! 5 years ago
Once again it's clear I need to check your review on a book before I write my own. I just finished both The Winner's Curse and The Winner's Crime (my reviews'll go up in April), and these past few days would've been so much easier if I'd just written a few succinct lines of frustration-and-rage, then linked to this post.

I'll add the link now, at least; you went into several significant points that I either didn't get around to (such as the escort issue, and how unrealistically the Herran war and subsequent takeover was apparently conducted) or didn't notice (how the secondary characters who die are either fairly faceless or intentionally detached, emotionally, from Kestrel and the reader). That's a really great catch.

It's neat to see that you also assumed that the Valorians were the Visigoth-equivalent, and the Herrani the Roman-equivalent. I was surprised to read, in the book's Author's Note, that she'd actually been inspired by "the Greco-Roman period after Rome had conquered Greece and enslaved its population"--but that explains why there are a few throw-away references to Valorian senators.

You don't have a review for The Winner's Crime, so I assume you never read/listened to it?
Her Fine Eyes 5 years ago
Hi Liam! I heard from a few sources that CRIME had a cliffhanger, and that Kestrel and Arin don't interact much at all in it, so I decided to wait for KISS and binge-listen to them back-to-back on audio. (I'll also have to revisit CURSE a bit, since it's been two years since I read it.) Looking forward to comparing notes with you! (I'm slowly clawing my way back to the real world.) (And by "real world" I mean book worlds. :D )
Hey Ashers! 5 years ago
Can't blame you for that decision. Nothing worse than waiting a year or more for the next installment after a cliffhanger. (I'm looking at you, Robin McKinley and your supposed sequel to Pegasus.)

It's good to hear you're starting to come back around to books. Becoming interested in reading and writing again was an important step for me, personally, after Lizzy died; I hope it's as positive a sign of your emotional, mental, and general life state as it was for me.
Her Fine Eyes 5 years ago
Oh, dear Liam. I didn't know that the Lizzy you write your reviews for was dead. I'm so, so sorry. And yes, writing is next. Writing is next. xo
Hey Ashers! 5 years ago
I'm always stupidly surprised to remember that the whole world doesn't just automatically know. Thank you =)

If you're ever comfortable sharing your writing-things with strangers on the Internet, I'd love to hear about them sometime, eventually. I'll wager you write excellent stuff.
Her Fine Eyes 5 years ago
I read both CRIME and KISS this week, Liam! I love your review of CRIME. Do you think you'll read KISS, even though you were disappointed with the first two? (One very positive thing, but telling you is a bit spoilery I guess: there's a gay character who's important to the plot and doesn't die at the end!) Hope you're doing well!