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Portable Magic 2 years ago
I don't have children, but I've done plenty of babysitting in my time, and I loved this.
My Never Ending List 2 years ago
I think anyone who has taken care of children will enjoy it. I think it's hilarious how "calm" the book starts out and it gets more frantic and then how it ends. I keep looking at it and now, that I can listen to the audio of it, it's even funnier. It's like you want to give up and let the kids run around but you know you can't, you really can't.
Murder by Death 2 years ago
No kids here either, but enough experience with minding nieces and nephews to completely relate. And Jackson's narration was pure gold; it's obvious he's been there and done that.
My Never Ending List 2 years ago
Wasn't his narration hilarious? I loved it too. The book brings back so many memories.
XOX 2 years ago
Thanks for the review. And thanks for the link. It is laugh out loud funny.
My Never Ending List 2 years ago
You’re welcome. It definitely is, I’ve listened to it countless times.