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Shera (Book Whispers) 8 years ago
Great steps. I decided I couldn't wait and muddled around and made my own customized one. ^_-
SilverThistle 8 years ago
Thanks.:) You made a lovely job of it!
Looks wonderful :D
Duly included in my collection of tutorials! Now awaiting implementation ... :)
SilverThistle 8 years ago
Thank you :D

I'll look forward to seeing your results!
Well, currently I'm still playing with the basic settings -- but "prettying up" my counters is fairly high on the agenda for things to be done once the basic look is in place. Love yours, btw. Very much of one piece, and easy on the eyes!
SilverThistle 8 years ago
I went for the 'Less is more' look, lol. I'm glad it's soothing to look at, thanks so much for the kind words :)
You're welcome, and the approach is quite apparent (and, as is frequently the case, also very successful). Some folks like to go wild with fonts, styles, and wallpaper and images and such, but impressive as the results may look at first sight, accessibility almost invariably suffers.
Marianna 8 years ago
Don't bash excessiveness! This is my first blog/site that I have the chance to customize... I'm going wild! Lol.
SilverThistle 8 years ago
You're welcome! Hope you have fun with it :D
SilverThistle 8 years ago
You're welcome :) and thanks!
SilverThistle 8 years ago
That's wonderful! Thanks for letting me know! Your blog is looking lovely :D

I agree, it's very exciting to be able to change the look of the blog with a few tweaks here and there. I want to shout 'Whoo hoo!" every time I get something to change. I'm easily thrilled :D
Marianna 8 years ago
Thanks, SilverThistle! That was really simple to do.

Here is my image if anyone wants to use it:
The background is transparent.
SilverThistle 8 years ago
You're welcome! Glad you found it helpful :)

almostblog 7 years ago
Omg. Thank you so much! Your tutorials helped me a lot! :D
SilverThistle 7 years ago
That's great! I'm so glad they're useful :D