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I never knew this was a challenge, but now I want to do it =) (And Short Circuit gif FTW!)
SilverThistle 7 years ago
Yay! Short Circuit is made of awesome :D
silverneurotic 7 years ago
That sounds like fun!
SilverThistle 7 years ago
I think the challenging bit will be remembering to update my ticker every time, lol
Familiar Diversions 7 years ago
Ooh, that sounds fun, although potentially hard to do with e-books. My Nook gives me page counts, though, so I may go ahead and do it anyway. :)
SilverThistle 7 years ago
You should. It'll be fun! :)
I always just estimate the page count of my e-books from the physical book. Now where there is not a physical book...
SilverThistle 7 years ago
You really should. The more the merrier :)
SilverThistle 7 years ago
Fantastic! BL will be awash with tickers :D
SilverThistle 7 years ago
I read a lot of e-books too but I'll just check the page count on GR of the paper versions (if there is one) and use that, although I think the GR stats do that automatically on user's graphs. I'll have to check that...
May's Books 7 years ago
This is great! Now I'm curious to know how many pages I have left and how many years to complete the challenge.... I'm doing the math right now!
SilverThistle 7 years ago
I'll probably need about 40 years to reach mine, at the speed I read, lol! Wish I'd started counting pages when I was 6, I'd surely have made 1M by now!
Rashika, The Book Owl 7 years ago
I'd do it but I've read too many books and I don't even remember all the books I read before 2009. .-.
Ilhem 7 years ago
It sounds like fun, but I am too lazy to count. Good luck! :)
SilverThistle 7 years ago
Thanks! I'm too lazy to count too, I let GR stats do it for me ;P
RedT Reads Randomly 7 years ago
Do you think rereads count? And I've only kept a written record since 2010 or so too, but I might make a stab at estimating old stuff, at least the ones I remember ( you know, all time favorites -- the ones you never forget). Also, text books and magazines, do they count too?
Probably I should just go there and read it, right?
SilverThistle 7 years ago
Definitely re-reads :) And text books...anything with a page sounds about right to me :D
vysed 7 years ago
I would never be able to keep track, but wouldn't it be awesome if booklikes had a thing that automatically added up the pages for the books you've read and kept count for you.
Familiar Diversions 7 years ago
I don't think that can happen until they have their own book database. :-(
SilverThistle 7 years ago
That's my dearest wish - That BL would get it's own comprehensive database and all the extras that go with it. I'd love that. I live in hope :)
This sounds just up my alley, I love unobtainable goals too! :D
SilverThistle 7 years ago
Unobtainable goals FTW :D
I added mine to my challenge page. 75,640 pages so far not counting 2014... I'll be updating it every new year, it might be a little too complicated updating it more often than that. XD At the rate I'm going, I better live to be 135 or I won't meet this challenge! lol
SilverThistle 7 years ago
I love that people are joining in! I almost picked that exact ticker and marker that you used! Spooky!
The worm? I was thinking along the lines of bookworm... :D I just changed the one I had picked... since I adjusted my BL theme to green and wanted something to match a bit more... now I have waves (I love water) and the butterfly since it was the only image without a white outline with the new background. :o
That's doable. It would take me 26 years if I maintain last's year's rate, bit it was unusually high. And yes, GR does how many books/pages you've read per year under stats on your "my books page."
SilverThistle 7 years ago
I reckon I've probably got about 40 years worth of reading to do to get me to 1M, Bahahahah! I'll give it a shot!