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Portable Magic 4 years ago
Ooooh, fun! Now I have to research all these holidays!
Yes, exactly! :D
BrokenTune 4 years ago
What was surprise bonus joker #1?
The Melbournce Cup!
BrokenTune 4 years ago
Ah, of course!
After two guesses I just tapped out :-D
I noticed. :D Thank you for taking a shot, though!
:-) I got busy at work and when I finally got home, hit the gym, and then fell asleep reading. My life is so not exciting these days.
I'm sure you've had excitement aplenty (and in no small part, of the wrong sort) this year already, though, so I take it excitement is just about the last thing you're looking for right now anyway ...
Portable Magic 4 years ago
I had a miserable headache when I got home from work, so I didn't do my research. But it was a fun idea!
No need to apologize ... Btw, one of the sources we were working with actually did have World Peace Day down as December 21! :D